Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wakeboardin' CamSur

...On the road again, this time heading to Naga City in Camarines Sur. The van dropped us off at the bus terminal in Naga. Time check: 8PM. Stomach check: very hungry. So we ate at the nearest food place we laid our eyes on, Kakanon Bikol (just across the bus terminal), and boy, was it the best food we've eaten in Bicol region so far. We ordered pinakbet, ginataang puso ng saging, and laing. The serving was more than what we expected (like water gone to the brim), so we ordered half of each serving.

We had informed Ecovillage's receptionist that we were going to be late, she said we can catch the shuttle going to CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC). It might still be at SM Naga. Stomachs full, we headed to SM Naga, just a few steps from the restaurant.

We asked directions from the SM guard (I'm a sucker for asking law enforcers) and he pointed us to the only shuttle at the parking lot. The driver wasn't around, so we sat at Mang Inasal, just opposite to where the bus was parked. Fifteen minutes or so later, the driver entered the shuttle after finishing his cigarette. Three foreigners boarded the bus, we followed next. More passengers came: Caucasians, Koreans, and some locals.

A wonderful thing about CWC - its shuttle service is FREE. At the time of our visit, this was the shuttle schedule: leaves CWC at 1030AM / 3PM / 730PM and leaves SM Naga at 12NN / 5PM / 9PM. You can call reception to check on the current sched.

If you miss the CWC shuttle, you can take a bus for Legaspi from the Naga terminal and get off at Capitol (Php10-12), then take tricycle to CWC (Php10). You can do this vice versa too.

Reserved parking for CWC.
Taken the day after our arrival.

We arrived at CWC by 930PM, a fast 20-minute travel. CWC has a wide land area, with good landscaping (plants everywhere) and very much well maintained. Too bad we couldn't go shutter happy with our cameras because the rain was nonstop. The shuttle dropped us off at Ecovillage and we headed straight to the reception area, registered, got our keys, then settled in. We booked the AC Cabin which was good for 4 persons (Php850). There were about 15 barnhouse-looking cabins in that area. Do not judge these little farm houses by its GI-sheet walls, the interior is pretty much cozy. Wallpapered, nicely ventilated, with 2 clean queen-size beds. There are also single and twin rooms available.

Inside our little barnhouse. It was raining, please excuse the indoor clothesline.

One thing to keep in mind - the Ecovillage is part of CWC, but it hasn't kept-up with other "villages" mushrooming near the main watersports complex. It's also farther away which makes it a last option for tourists who aren't tight on their budget.

Some of the other "villages" in CWC:
Villa Del Rey Wood Cabins (left) and Villa Del Rey Containers (right)

Ecovillage has a common bathroom (separate for men and women, of course), a bit average and needs a bit of scrubbing. In the men's bathroom, the only one with consistent running water was the farthest shower room but the hot/cold function wasn't working. 

Barn houses at Ecovillage
The common toilet and bath by the mini pool.
Male T&B on the left, female on the right.
Wanted to dip in, but hadn't had the opportunity to do so.

What to do in CWC with a limited time? Easy - Eat and Play. Okay, I have to admit, we weren't able to try the food at CWC. No time to eat. Must go wakeboarding. And now!

Tagged and ready!
Grabbing my first board

I am no wakeboarder. The first five or more attempts got me sinking into the water. It's not hard though, there are basic steps that can be learned. The thing about wakeboarding is that you have to do it again and again, just like how I tried surfing, until you get the groove right. We got the hang of it in less than an hour. 

That ship's going down!
Before sinking like a rock

We had a great time wakeboarding that we forgot the shuttle was leaving at 3PM. We had just finished wakeboarding and haven't got ourselves ready yet. We decided to just take the tricycle and bus to the city. The tricycles inside the CWC will take you up to the main road only. From there, you can take a bus that stops at the Naga bus terminal.

By the main road outside CWC. Taken after the tricycle ride.
On the bus to Naga City
We got off at the bus terminal and bought packs of Pili nuts. After the speedy pasalubong shopping, we walked to SM Naga to grab a quick dinner before catching our train to Manila.

Honey Chicken rice topping (Php 80) and Siomai Mami (Php 70) for me,
and Vegetable rice topping for my friend.
All from Naga Garden, SM Naga foodcourt.

Contact information:
CamSur Watersports Complex (054) 477 3344 / 477 3349
Ecovillage at CWC (054) 477 5636

How CamSur bore a southside hole in Mustachio's pocket:
Daet to Naga van Php 188
Dinner (Php 175/2 pax) Php 88
SM City Naga to CWC Php 0
AC cabin at Ecovillage (Php 850/3 pax) Php 283
1 hour wakeboarding inlcuding helmet and vest Php 165
CWC to main road tricycle Php 10
Bus to Naga City Php 10
Dinner at Naga Garden (SM Naga foodcourt) Php 150

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  1. HUMAYGAS! This adventure is so fun! And the wakeboard soooo affordable! Wish I could do this, too!

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. So affordable alright but too far from Cebu! I heard Papa Kit's in Lilo-an and Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao offers wakeboarding too. Try it! But first, surfing, right? :)