Monday, April 23, 2012

Mr Kimbob

After the preservative-laden food we had at Mt Pulag, it was time for something fresh...fresh from the food court (too tired to look for restaurants, the obvious choice was SM Baguio's food court).

I got myself the chicken curry. It was mildly spicy and the chicken and potatoes (I do not care for carrots much) were just the right size.

Chicken Curry

And ze lady chose the bibimbap. Doesn't it look huge and delicious? It was indeed huge and delicious but the lady friend couldn't finish it. Guess having strawberry shortcake first was a bad idea.


Price wasn't so bad either. Good sized servings for less than a hundred!

Mr Kimbob
SM foodcourt
SM City Baguio
Luneta Hill, Upper Session Road,
Baguio City

How Mr. Kimbob emptied Mustachio's pocket:
Chicken curry Php 89
Bibimbap Php 99


  1. I am starting to like this korean food, bibimbap :) Everytime I go to SM foodcourt, nakikita ko ang haba ng pila dun palagi.

    I think I should try that chicken curry. :)

    1. Korean food is quite delicious, don't you think? I wish we had Mr Kimbob in Cebu. They have generous portions!