Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's in a (Business) Name? Dos

Would you go to a beauty parlor named such?
Spotted at ML Quezon Avenue, Mandaue City

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Persian Palate on a Discount

Was trolling around Ensogo Cebu one time and bought a discount voucher for Persian Palate. Take note when using a voucher: always check the terms and conditions.

Fast forward to 30 days and I'm now at Persian Palate, trying to choose a meal that would fit the Php 300 voucher (bought for Php 150) .

Lets roll out the orders:

First, and my favorite was the Chello Kebab Special:
I think this would have been Xerxes' favorite home cooked meal
It's two sticks of beef kebab on top of a serving of tomato rice with raisins, two pieces of grilled tomatoes and a small calamondin (limonsito in Visayan) for additional zest. The kebab was juicy and, just like Robin is to Batman, the tomato barbecue was a good side kick to the beefiness of the kebab.

Oh yeah, don't forget these condiments: Yogurt Garlic sauce and Chili sauce. What's great is that they serve these for free and possibly unlimited. I ordered the Yogurt Garlic sauce twice 'coz I had a hefty spread on my kebab.
Not pictured: Chuck Norris spreading the sauces on a kebab. Awesome!

Next, the good looking Falafel:
If I had a bad-ass middle-eastern alter-ego, I'd probably name it Falafel, no?

The ones that look like breaded pork chops are actually green peas patties. With the patties are lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber, wrapped in a pita. If you can't choose a vegetarian meal, then try this one for a start.

And for the dessert, I had fresh fruits with yogurt. Sorry, forgot to take a picture of this one because I was in a rush to eat something sweet. It's made up of sliced apples, bananas, and papaya, with raisins and lettuce, smothered in yogurt. Just watch out for the papaya. I think yogurt and papaya don't taste good together.
Must have been the reason they went berserk

Time to round up!

This is where I ate:
2nd Level, Active Zone, Ayala Center
(032) 232 6898

They also have branches at:
Mango Square Mall (032) 412 6795
Robinsons Place (032) 254 3608
Parkmall (032) 416 9211

You can check out their menu here (prices may not be updated).

How this bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Chello Kebab Special Php 180
Falafel Php 120
Fresh fruits with yogurt Php 85