Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thank You 2017

Grateful for...
  • my source of income which is my sole source for travel funds: my job.
  • my manager for approving all my planned leaves.
  • no urgent tasks/deadlines scheduled when I was on leave.
  • God for keeping me safe and, when I was not in the pink of health, I was at least not totally down while on travel.
  • my good friend from highschool and her family for the hospitality when I visited Tandag (Surigao del Sur): for picking me up at the airport, feeding me, letting me stay at her house, showing me around, accompanying me to Cabgan Island in Barobo, and contacting her aunt's driver when I had to go to Butuan because my flight from Tandag to Cebu was cancelled and changed to Butuan to Cebu.
  • my friend's aunt's driver for picking me up at the bus terminal and finding me a cheap but clean transient hotel so late at night.
  • my friend and her family for taking me to Laswitan Lagoon. Unfortunately, there was no "laswit" at that time (late February). They say the best time to go for a higher chance of seeing the "laswit" is from November to January, and surely when there is a typhoon coming!
  • another friend for letting Baktin and me stay in his house in Toledo, for showing us around his city, and for taking us to Malubog Lake and the hidden local's hideout through the tunnel.
  • Centro Coron for sponsoring two nights stay.
  • Brennan of Baktin Corporation for striking a deal with Kawil Tours for the 30% discount.
  • my butt for not wanting a toilet while out at sea when it was battling a bad case of diarrhea.
  • girl/boy scout travel buddies for donating medicine for the above!
  • having a toilet on the islands of Malcapuya and Banana. Because diarrhea. Ugh.
  • PAL for providing free accommodation, meals, and airport transfers when they cancelled the flight back to Cebu.
  • my brother for volunteering to drive from San Remegio to Cebu City. Because I am a lazy ass driver.
  • my sister's friend for volunteering to take her car to Moalboal and driving to/from Basdiot for lunch/dinner so we could find something to eat.
  • the chance to try out Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) with friends. I enjoyed it and SUPed thrice this year!
  • website translate tools. Though it doesn't do a perfect job, at least I get to find the information I need.
  • all the random strangers who answered my email inquiries when I was preparing for my trip to the Chubu region of Japan. I know it is their job, but I am amazed that they respond promptly (unlike in the Philippines where email addresses are provided but most of the time does not work or is not answered).
  • patience and keeping my cool when Cebu Pacific cancelled the second leg of my flight when I had already arrived in Manila.
  • my friend for adopting me for a night when I was stuck in Manila because of above.
  • those who have taken time to leave a comment.
  • passers-by, people who have taken the time to read one or two of my blogposts, and loyal readers (if there are any?)—forgive me for I have been very lazy in updating this blog this year. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

What's in a (Business) Name? Sesenta y ocho

You'll have a relaxing time here. I am 200% positive!
Spotted along Rizal Avenue Ext., Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

For more amusing business names, please visit Go Random.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Wisdom from the Road #58

On walking
Advise from Mary Schmich:
"Be kind to your knees.
You'll miss them when they're gone."

Lately, there would be times I'd feel a pain in my knee or on the back of my knee. And I'd fervently pray that it would go away and not accompany me especially when I'm traveling. When traveling, I'd walk. A lot. Because:
  • I get to explore and see more of the place I am in.
  • If something catches my eye, I could stop and take photos. Lots of photos.
  • I might discover secret local hangouts.
  • I can observe the local life.
  • I get to burn more calories than sitting in a bus, taxi, car, or train.
  • And, ultimately, I get to save money. I am a cheapo like that.