Monday, July 3, 2017

Cabgan Island in Surigao del Sur

After half an hour's boat ride from the sleepy poblacion of Barobo in Surigao del Sur we landed on the beach of Cabgan Island. Not a soul was in sight, only the clear turquoise water, white sandy beach, and the abundant green of trees.

We landed in paradise

We grabbed our plastic bag of lechon manok and rice (hurriedly bought at the poblacion) and looked for a spot to have our lunch (we found a wooden table). I wanted to jump in the water asap so I only explored the opposite side of where we were (it was also a white sand beach), and not the side of the island that faces the Pacific Ocean (that area is a cliff where one can watch the strong Pacific waves hit the island).

The beach opposite of where we were

After the quick exploration, we ate lunch under the shade of trees, and then it was time to turn into a prune in the clear seawater. Ahhh, the island life, it sure makes me lazy!

How to go to Cabgan Island: Take a bus or van to the municipality of Barobo and alight at the old market of the poblacion. Behind the market, find a pumpboat to take you to Cabgan Island (I am not sure what the right rate is, but we paid Php 1200 for a boat that could carry about 8 passengers). It will take about 30 minutes to reach the island.

Reminders: Cabgan Island is uninhabited: no houses, no sari-sari stores. Don't forget to bring food/snacks/drinks. Please please please bring your trash back with you.


  1. Hello po pwd po mag ask?? Hmm .. may limited po ba na kasya 15 pasenger na pumb boat?? Pra sana sa outing namin ngayung november

  2. Tsaka mgkano po pamasahe sa pumb boat na yan kapag 15 ka pasenger??