Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wisdom from the Road #53

On Waze
Waze may give you the shortest and fastest route but it may not be the best route.

Finding our way to an Airbnb house in San Remegio, we didn't use Waze and just took the familiar roads (highways). On our way back to the city, my brother decided to you use Waze and it gave us a different route than the one we took going there. According to the app, it was a shorter route. Shorter, sure. But, man, it took us longer because about half the length of the road (and it was the center section, not the sections near the highway) was a narrow pothole-y dirt road and we had to slow to a crawl.

I haven't used Waze myself. There is probably an option to avoid dirt roads. I should ask my brother to check his app.

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