Wednesday, July 5, 2017

No Laswit in Lagoon

I visited Surigao del Sur around the third week of February with these two places in mind: Cabgan Island in Barobo and Laswitan Lagoon in Cortes. Blogs I had read mentioned that the laswit or splash of the ocean over the 30- to 40-ft tall rocks that surround the lagoon can be experienced from October to March. Man, oh man, were those blogs wrong. There was no laswit when I visited.

No laswit here, just a calm pool

On the other side of the rock wall the Pacific Ocean was doing a good job pummelling the rocky shore (but not strong enough to scale the 30- to 40-ft high rock wall of the lagoon). And that is where the handful of Laswitan Lagoon hopefuls made the most of their visit. My friend and I ,on the other hand, stayed in the lagoon, our private pool, where we soaked and caught up with each other's lives.

On the other side

The Pacific waves hello

My friend's father who lives in Tandag said the best time to go is from November to December, maybe even January. But the ultimate time would be when there's a coming typhoon. I guess I'll have to go back when there's a typhoon brewing.

Expectation. Photo from

Laswitan Lagoon
8AM to 5PM
Entrance fee Php 20
Lifevest rental Php 20/hour
Salbabida (ring buoy) rental Php 20
Open cottage rental Php 200
Table rental Php 100
Toilet and changing rooms are available for free

Location: Laswitan Lagoon is located in the municipality of Cortes in Surigao del Sur. The lagoon is about 3 km from the highway. The road from the highway to the lagoon is rough and uneven. If commuting, you will have to hire a habalhabal (motorcycle) from the highway.

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