Thursday, July 30, 2020

What's in a (Business) Name? Noventa y seis

Imagine all the lemons, living for today...(part 2)
Spotted in BTC, Cebu City.

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

QuaranEats: PANdemic Bakery

A photo of sourdough on my facebook feed. Then a hazy memory of some restaurant forms in my brain, but I can't pinpoint where that restaurant was and what events took place on that day. What I do remember is that I enjoyed that slice of sourdough in that forgotten-restaurant.

The longer I look at the photo on my fb feed, the more I want to eat sourdough. Yes, facebook posts do work as advertising. Especially on hungry people like me who scroll away time on fb.


The post for sourdough for sale was by PANdemic Bakery. A bakeshop with a pun-ny name. Sounds like my kind of bakeshop.

Since they are based in Liloan, I went on a bit of shopping spree to make the most of the delivery fee. I ordered a large sourdough (Php 150), meat rolls (Php 25/piece), emapanadas (Php 20/piece), and ubedesals (Php 15/piece).


Everything was so good! The sourdough was so soft inside that my father and I could not stop eating it. The empanadas and meatrolls so stuffed, and the ubedesals oozing with ube halaya and cheese! This bakeshop does not hold back on their stuffings.

PANdemic Bakery. A bakeshop with a pun-ny name. And delicious baked goodies. My kind of bakeshop indeed.

PS. Photos grabbed from PANdemic Bakery's facebook page. Because I had chomped through my hoard before I remembered to take photos.