Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Film Fest 2011

I found out about this when I while waiting for my food and staring at the walls of Topokki Man. Ding! Another window to freeloading country!

What: Korean Film Fest 2011
When: September 28 - October 2, 2011
Where: SM City Cebu, Cinema 1
Admission: I did say it's a chance to freeload, didn't I?
Language: Korean with English subtitles

Secret Reunion
Action / Drama

When North Korean secret agent Ji-won crosses the 38th Parallel on a mission, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) led by Han-gyu intervenes, and a shooting rampage ensues in the heart of Seoul. For the incident, Han-gyu is fired and Ji-won is deserted by his agency. Six years later, the two meet by chance and start a business partnership in order to steal information from the other.


Scandal Makers
Comedy / Drama

Nam Hyun Soo, in his mid-thirties, is a celebrity and host of a famous radio show. One of his listeners, Jung-nam, narrates her willingness to see her father whom she has never met. Her story becomes a hit and sends the show’s ratings to the top. But one day, Jung-nam knocks on Hyun Soo’s door claiming that the father she hasn’t met is none other than him.


The Happy Life
Comedy / Drama

Three former members of college rock band, Volcano, are reunited by the death of their leader. At the funeral, young, jobless lead guitarist Gi-Young suggests that they reform the band with him as the new frontman.

My Dear Enemy
Drama / Romance

Hee-Soo sets out to find her ex-boyfriend, Byoung Woon, who owes her $1000. Byoung Woon is also penniless but happy, knowing that girls are willing to give him money. Hee-Soo follows him as he visits many girls to borrow money and starts a one-day journey that will change her life.

Hwang Jin Yi

The story of Hwang Jin Yi, the most renowned courtesan of the Chosun Dynasty, a beautiful, talented and intelligent young woman who has no other choice but to become a gisaeng (entertainer that performs for the upper class) because she was an illegitimate child. She uses her position and charm to gain favor from the upper class, as well as her love affair with a male servant named Nom-yi.


For Eternal Hearts
Drama / Fear / Romance

An ordinary college boy Su-young fell in love with Pippi but the relationship didn't last long for the latter ended her life at a student demonstration. After witnessing her suicide, bizarre things start to happen.

Christmas in August

Jung-won falls in love with Da-rim while suffering from an illness. He hides the fact from Da-rim and tries to continue leading a normal life, spending time with his friends and family.

September 28, Wednesday
130PM Scandal Makers
730PM For Eternal Hearts
930PM The Happy Life

September 29, Thursday
530PM Hwang Jin Yi
730PM Christmas in August
930PM Secret Reunion

September 30, Friday
530PM For Eternal Hearts
730PM My Dear Enemy
930PM Scandal Makers

October 1, Saturday
530PM The Happy Life
730PM Secret Reunion
930PM My Dear Enemy

October 2, Sunday
530PM Christmas in August
730PM Hwang Jin Yi
930PM For Eternal Hearts

For more inforation on:
Korean Film Fest 2011, visit Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.
Korean movies, visit HanCinema: The Korean Movie and Drama Database.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Look What I Found! Frozen Yogurt Bars!

Shall we have some dessert after Topokki Man?
Found these at Assi Mart, a Korean mini mart located at Rosedale Center, for Php 35 each.

Yomamte Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bar

Yomamte Peach Frozen Yogurt Bar

And you thought I was already full! Hey, there's always room for a yogurt bar or two. So which is yummier? Strawberry or peach? Strawberry gets a drool rating of 10, while peach gets 7. In my tastebud's opinion.

Also found ginseng ice cream. Strange flavor for an ice cream? Nevertheless I shall try that one next time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Topokki Man

Just got back from treating (torturing is more appropriate) my tastebuds with some really spicy food at Topokki Man. I am bursting at the seams while writing this. Feast your eyes on these photos as I had feasted on the real thing.

Baby Rolls
Php 50

Yes, 50 pesos only for 12 pieces! But don't expect giant pieces. Baby rolls. I repeat, baby rolls.
Bibimbap with kimchi or salad
Php 150

Looks harmless but wait til you add the chili paste that comes with it.

Bibimbap literally means mixed meal. So yes, you have to mix it thoroughly (don't forget the chili paste) before gobbling it all down.

Set of Frieds
Php 130

The photo obviously doesn't show the complete "set". That's cause I ate some before remembering to take a photo. The set includes the following: veggies, shrimp, squid, squash, sweet potatoes, and dumpling.

Original Topokki
Php 130

There's supposed to be an egg here but it ended up in my stomach before I clicked the shutter.

What's in it? Rice cakes (the rolls you see in the photo), tofu, boiled egg (in my stomach already), sesame seeds (you must be blind if you don't see it), some veggies I didn't care to identify, and chili paste (that's why it's red!).

Set of 1/2 ramen + rice + kimchi or salad
Php 80

1/2 Ramen. Rice and kimchi missing from photo. You know how those look (and taste) like anyway.

Never attempt to ask for mild ramen. They will only add more water!

Carbo loading, aren't we? Now I am ready to run a marathon. NOT!

If you like flaming hot Korean food, head on to Topokki Man at Rosedale Center in Talamban, just beside Doña Rita Village. Deliveries also accepted. Give them a ring at 345 6701. Just not on a Sunday. Topokki Man rests on Sundays.

PS It's a small place, so don't bring the whole barangay here. Seats about 25 people.

PPS The take away comes with a little saw!

How gluttony bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Add everything up, it comes down to a total of Php 540.
Hey, it's not too bad. That could feed four people you know.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks a big fat lie! I'm an old dog (nevermind the exact years) and I've just learned to ride a bike albeit like a drunk. That has got to count, doesn't it? Took me approximately 9 hours, spread over 7 days, spread over 3 weeks.

Day 1 So many coaches, couldn't decide which advice to try first. Coach #1 Go downhill without pedaling. Coach #2 Start off by pushing on the pedal with one foot. Coach #3 Practice balancing by sitting like a princess. Coach #4 Blah blah blah... All I could think of was not falling over on the side. But it's better to have numerous tips than none at all.

Day 2 Practice anywhere. Everywhere. Even inside the house.

Day 3 Pick a patient private coach. Feed him before the session. And be patient yourself. Bruise count: 12

Day 4 Do not be afraid to practice where everyone can see you, i.e. on the road outside your house. You can stop when there are cars and people passing for any of these reasons: because of embarrassment or because you don't want to run them over (people) or because you don't want to get run over by them (vehicles).

Day 5 Strangers will: give random words of advice - "look ahead, not on your pedals" - listen; give warnings - "mabun-og ka ana/di ka makat-on hangtod di ka ma injure" - persevere; laugh at you - laugh with them, no one has died by being laughed at, no?

Day 6 Even if you've just recovered from fever, practice. Even if it starts to rain 10 minutes into your practice, go on. Every effort counts. Prepare to get sick again. Bruise count: 4

Day 7 Do not be too serious or you'll attract frustration like Homer Simpson to donuts. But do not keep laughing like a hyena or you'll ride your bike like a drunk. Take it from me.

Next lesson: How to go dizzy by going in circles on a bike.