Thursday, September 15, 2011

Topokki Man

Just got back from treating (torturing is more appropriate) my tastebuds with some really spicy food at Topokki Man. I am bursting at the seams while writing this. Feast your eyes on these photos as I had feasted on the real thing.

Baby Rolls
Php 50

Yes, 50 pesos only for 12 pieces! But don't expect giant pieces. Baby rolls. I repeat, baby rolls.
Bibimbap with kimchi or salad
Php 150

Looks harmless but wait til you add the chili paste that comes with it.

Bibimbap literally means mixed meal. So yes, you have to mix it thoroughly (don't forget the chili paste) before gobbling it all down.

Set of Frieds
Php 130

The photo obviously doesn't show the complete "set". That's cause I ate some before remembering to take a photo. The set includes the following: veggies, shrimp, squid, squash, sweet potatoes, and dumpling.

Original Topokki
Php 130

There's supposed to be an egg here but it ended up in my stomach before I clicked the shutter.

What's in it? Rice cakes (the rolls you see in the photo), tofu, boiled egg (in my stomach already), sesame seeds (you must be blind if you don't see it), some veggies I didn't care to identify, and chili paste (that's why it's red!).

Set of 1/2 ramen + rice + kimchi or salad
Php 80

1/2 Ramen. Rice and kimchi missing from photo. You know how those look (and taste) like anyway.

Never attempt to ask for mild ramen. They will only add more water!

Carbo loading, aren't we? Now I am ready to run a marathon. NOT!

If you like flaming hot Korean food, head on to Topokki Man at Rosedale Center in Talamban, just beside Doña Rita Village. Deliveries also accepted. Give them a ring at 345 6701. Just not on a Sunday. Topokki Man rests on Sundays.

PS It's a small place, so don't bring the whole barangay here. Seats about 25 people.

PPS The take away comes with a little saw!

How gluttony bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Add everything up, it comes down to a total of Php 540.
Hey, it's not too bad. That could feed four people you know.


  1. Hey! So you're from Cebu, too. Lol. I've been meaning to visit this place since a friend told me about it just this month. Although I know it opened quite a while now. Not bad, the place. Pretty affordable though I don't know much about korean food. Hehe.

    Great job on your blog, by the way. It's interesting and entertaining. Keep it up! I'll stay posted. :)


    Babe for Food - your new BFF in Cebu dining

  2. Hello, we are Topokkiman. Thanks for your visit, Mustachio!:-) To reduce the spiciness for Ramen we can also just reduce the soup I've been really enjoying your blog stories. Keep it up! Hopefully we'll be able to treat you again and don't forget you'll identify yourself when you come here. Take goood care, Mustachio~~~

    1. Thanks for the invite Mr.Topokkiman. I miss your Bibimbap. Someday Ill pass there again. Just look for the small rounded 2 inch mustached fella.

      You take good care also Mr.Topokkiman sir!:)

  3. Wait for me TOPPOKI MAN I'll be there this Sunday May 26th, my boyfriend and I will celebrate our 96th monthsary ^___^

    1. Hi Yasmin! Last time I checked Topokki Man is closed on Sundays... And happy 96th months to you and your boyfriend :-)