Sunday, October 30, 2022

Dumaguete Accommodations: Lufian Dormitel and Check Inn Dumaguete

Here are two places my friends and I stayed at during our recent trip to Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental:

Nesia Building, San Jose Extension,
Brgy. Taclobo, Dumaguete City
(035) 523 3135 / 0922 825 5469


  • Rooms at Lufian Dormitel are spacious. We were three in the group, and the room was good for up to 5 persons (Php 1400). They have rooms good for up to 6 persons for Php 1800.
  • Rooms are clean, air-conditioned, has a TV, a big cabinet, and table and chair. The room we stayed in had a queen sized bed and two single beds. Since we were only three, they only set up one single bed, which freed up the space.
  • Room has an ensuite bathroom, and a shower with heater.
  • Towels and soap are provided.
  • Water dispenser is available at the reception.
  • We were allowed to check in early. And since no one was checking in after us, we were allowed to leave our bags in the room hours after check out.
  • Lufian Dormitel is about a kilometer from the city center. If you want to be close to restaurants and the Dumaguete Boulevard, then this is considered far.
  • The building is not solely a dormitel. On the second floor, where our room was, it had a law office and a conference room. Luckily, when we stayed, the law office was closed and no one was renting the conference room.
  • The layout of the bathroom is not ideal: the shower is right next to the toilet, without any division, and the drain is near the sink. After taking a shower, the toilet and floor was all wet.
I forgot to take photos. This photo is from Lufian Dormitel's facebook page. This is the room we stayed in, but during our stay, the interiors had changed: it did not have a wall fan, the cabinet is bigger, there is a table and chair near the door of the bathroom, a TV on the corner across the bathroom door, and the beds were one queen bed and two single beds.

I forgot to take photos. This photo is from Lufian Dormitel's facebook page.

POS Marketing Bldg.
Dr. V. Locsin St., Dumaguete City
(035) 422 9000 / 0928 613 2595


  • Check Inn Dumaguete is located at the city center. Restaurants like CB City Burger and Sans Rival, and the Dumaguete Boulevard are just a steps away.
  • The room for three persons (Business Suite, Php 1680) is spacious. It is clean, air-conditioned, has a TV, a big cabinet, refrigerator, and table and chair. The curtains are thick; if you like sleeping in, this will keep the room dark.
  • Rooms have an ensuite bathroom, and a shower with heater.
  • Towels, and a box containing soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste are provided.
  • Keycard doors.


  • No free drinking water. The two 500ml bottles of water in the room are for sale (Php 20 each).
  • We were informed that the room included free breakfast. What they did not mention was that it was only one breakfast (choice of luncheon meat or hotdog with rice and scrambled egg, and a cup of instant coffee)! You're paying for a room for three, but the free breakfast is only for one person?!
  • Check Inn is old and the bathroom was not well maintained—scaling was evident on the sink and the shower enclosure.
  • Very strict with check out. Guests must check out at 12 noon. They will charge 150/hour for the excess time.
  • Our room was on the 4th floor. There is a conference room on this floor. The conference room is near the elevator/stairs. It can become noisy in this area.

I forgot to take photos. This photo is from

I forgot to take photos. This photo is from

A map to help you find your way:

Monday, October 17, 2022

Glamping at 150 Peakway

Ah, how social media provides free advertising. Yes, this is the reason why I decided to go to 150 Peakway in Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Because of one glamping photo my friend posted on his facebook page. Glamping in 150 Peakway seemed like a nice idea for a weekend getaway.

I booked a glamping tent through 150 Peakway Mountain Resort's facebook page (can also book through their Instagram page or through airbnb). Booking was smooth: whoever was answering messages in their facebook page was very prompt in addressing queries.

150 Peakway Mountain Resort has three air-conditioned glamping tents (4 pax, Php 6,000), three domes (4 pax, Php 10,000), a suite (4 pax, Php 7,000), and a villa (8 pax, Php 15,000). All of these, except the glamping tents, have their own toilet and shower. The toilets and shower rooms for the glamping tents are shared: two toilets, two sinks, and two shower rooms (has a hot shower, dispensers for shampoo and liquid bath soap, and a changing area) for each gender. In spite of it being shared, the toilets and shower rooms were very clean!

Expectation (photo grabbed from airbnb)

Reality. Unlike the picture in their airbnb listing, our glamping tent did not have tables and chairs.
Which was fine—more space for our mess!

Each tent and dome has its own deck, with a dining table and chairs, a lounge area with fire pit, and a foot washing area before entering the deck. An umbrella is also provided for each tent/dome. The domes and tents are spaced in such a way that it does not feel cramped and gives a feeling of privacy. 

Our tent's private deck

It rained the afternoon we checked in. We decided to have our dinner early (6PM) and as we were sitting down to eat (we had our dinner served at our deck), my Japanese friend, trying to hide from the wind, cowered between the lounge chair and the fire pit. We took the hint and called reception (our tent had a phone to call reception) to start a nice warm fire (firepit package is Php 600, which includes a big pack of marshmallows, a bar of Hershey's chocolate, and four packets of graham crackers) while we were having dinner. Wrong move. The wind kept blowing the smoke toward our dinner table and it made our eyes water.

Corkage fee applies, except for cake and drinking water (there are two complimentary 500ml bottles of water; a water dispenser is also available at the reception).
Thankfully, their food isn't overpriced and the servings are good for 2-3 persons.

Light 'em up!

My Japanese friend was so cold and so tired that she decided to sleep early and skip dinner. We asked one of the staff to keep our leftovers and have it served again the following day. Our stay (Php 6000, whether only one or four are staying) included complimentary breakfast only for the number of people checked in.

The rain, accompanied by a howling wind, continued all throughout the night. The bed was nice and cozy with clean and nice smelling sheets, but with the tent shuddering as winds hit it every few minutes, my friend and I only had a few hours fitful sleep. My Japanese friend slept like a log on the other bed. I used to go camping years ago and could get a good night's sleep with just a sleeping bag and a small tent. I guess I was made for camping, not glamping.

As morning came, the winds died down and the rain eventually stopped. The aircon cranked to high cool was no match for the fierce sun. By 8AM, it felt like a sauna inside the tent (except the area nearest the aircon).

The sky was blue that morning and we spent the rest of the morning appreciating the beautiful landscaping, the cute playground, and the small 4-feet deep pool, before the clock struck check out (11AM).


150 Peakway's small swimming pool

Tram tour. 150 Peakway offers tram tours for in-house guests. The tram tour costs Php 1500 (maximum of 7 persons). The tour take 3 to 4 hours, and has four stops: Osmeña Peak, Lugsangan (Casino) Peak, flower farm, and Pitamz Bistro. The entrance fee for each, except for the Bistro (which is free), is Php 50. Hiking to Osmeña Peak only takes 15 minutes. Although the trail is clear and straightforward, each group is required to have a guide (Php 100 per guide). The entrance fees are not included in the tram tour fee.

Service fee. Heads up! Upon check out, a service fee (minimal amount) will be added to your bill.

Going to 150 Peakway in Dalaguete: At Cebu South Bus Terminal, take a bus (Ceres Bus, aircon, Php 198; Sun Rays Bus, non-aircon, Php 150) that's headed to Oslob or Santander. Get off at 7Eleven in Dalaguete. The journey to Dalaguete usually takes 2.5 hours (but in our case, our Ceres Bus was driver was driving really slow that it took 3.5 hours!). At the junction for Matalongon, take a motorcycle (habalhabal) to 150 Peakway (20-30 minutes, Php 150/person, 2 persons per motorcycle).