Wednesday, June 30, 2021

What's in a (Business) Name? Ciento Siete

Get your barbecue and refreshments here!

Spotted along P Remedio St, Mandaue City

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Trips in the Time of Pandemic

Have you been holed up at home during this pandemic? Ha! I have taken trips!

Trips to the Supermarket

I go on a trip once or twice a month to the supermarket. It is only during this pandemic that I had taken an interest in cooking. Because I miss the taste of Japan and South Korea, I tried to make some simple Japanese and Korean dishes by following recipes from the internet. After trying several random recipe websites, I have found my go-to sites: Just One Cookbook (for Japanese recipes) and Maangchi (for Korean recipes). Luckily, finding Japanese and Korea ingredients in Cebu isn’t too challenging—there are several Japanese and Korean mini groceries in Cebu City, and even local supermarkets have an aisle filled with Asian items.

Hijiki Salad


Algamja jorim

Trips Down Memory Lane

When not taking a trip to the supermarket (or to recipe websites), I take trips down memory lane. I open online album after online album (or folders and folders of photos I have not posted in my facebook page) and relive memories. But, still, the old school part of me wants to see printed photos. Photobook Philippines to the rescue! Photobook has an easy to use website (they have an app, but I haven’t tried it; and, no, this is not a sponsored post) with different album sizes to fit the budget, and dozens of templates to choose from. Once you have picked your album size and template, you just drag and drop your photos. You can also add text, backgrounds, cliparts, and even change the layout.

I have spent many hours (days!) on their website creating photobooks of my travels (so far I have made nine small photobooks of trips from as old as 12 years ago!) and have spent many weeks—from 3 to 4 weeks (the photobooks are printed and shipped from Kuala Lumpur)—waiting for my photobook(s) to be delivered to my doorstep. And once they're in my hands, I flip page after page, and take a trip down memory lane again.

Some of my photobooks

What trips have you taken during this pandemic?