Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I poor for Ipar's

Purchased another discount voucher from Groupon. This time I grabbed the chance to try Ipar's. 

Welcome to Ipar's
This way please
Ipar's Restaurant and Appetizer Bar
Spanish themed interiors
Lots of photos of Matadors and Spanish dancers
A lonely customer enjoying his meal

What we ordered:

 Crema de Champiñones - Cream of mushroom
Mushroomy, subtly creamy, and can be served in two if requested.

Pollo al ajillo - Fillet of chicken in garlic sauce
Tender meat with a good sauce.

Solomillo ala Pobre - Pan Seared Tenderloin
It has very tender meat. Choose from medium rare or well done. Mild taste and needs herbs or a stronger flavor. Taste better with the mushroom soup.

Flan al Caramelo - Leche Flan
Very creamy. Small but packed serving. It reminds me of Yema.

Calamansi juice

Ipar's authentic Spanish cuisine, nice interior, good homey vibe, and classical Spanish guitar ambient music makes it a good place to hang around and relax. However, this restaurante isn't for the budget conscious. With Ipar's authenticity, also comes great prices.

Ipar's price range for each category on their menu:
Tapas (appetizer) Php 120 ~ 300
Ensalada (salad) Php 150 ~ 200
Sopa (soup) Php 70 ~ 120
Paella Php 600 ~ 950 (4 to 6 pax)
Pescados y mariscos (fish and shellfish) Php 250 ~ 650
Aves (fowl) Php 180 and Php 480 (whole roast chicken)
Carnes (pork/beef/lamb) Php 200 ~ 350
Bebidas (drink) Php 30 ~ 70
Postres (dessert) Php 70 ~ 100

157 F Ramos St.
Cebu City
(032) 410 7727 / (032) 255 4727 / 0917 626 6662
Lunch 10AM - 2PM, Tuesday - Sunday
Dinner 6PM - 10PM, Daily

How Ipar made Mustachio a poor hijo:
Creme de champiñones Php 100
Pollo al ajillo Php 180
Solomillo alo pobre Php 280
Calamansi juice Php 30
Flan al caramelo Php 70
+5% service charge


  1. oi naa na competensya ang Arano's. hehe!
    lami kau imo post. Am even more hungry. wah!

    1. Will try Arano's and write about it soon. Save up sa ko Bee.

    2. You should try Arano's! Love it there. :9

  2. So this is What Ipar looks like inside. I've never tried it tho it's just located a few meters away from school. Looks all yummy!

    1. Save by fasting for a week, then eat at Ipar's. Hehehe. Just kidding! :)

  3. Hey, you should try dining at my culinary school's bistro. ICAAC at Guadalupe, near St. Paul school. You can get their landline number on FB, just look for International Culinary ARts Academy Cebu. They only serve dinner and you'll need to reserve. Also bring extra cash, budget is 600-700. You won't regret it. :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Gulp, 600-700. Will have to break my piggy bank for this. :)