Thursday, July 9, 2015

An Ignoramus in Busan

Please excuse this Mustache's ignorance but the following things—very ordinary things to the citizens of Busan, I am sure—looked absolutely awesome to me!

Single–serve jam

Photo from

It was during breakfast at Mr Egg Hostel Original in Nampo that I discovered this neat little innovation for single–serve jam packaging. Just fold it in half and the center snaps open, and you can put jam on your toast without getting sticky fingers. Neat!


From Taejongdae Park, we headed back to Nampo to look for lunch. But first we had to look for a parking area. SangCheol maneuvered the car head first into a small building and we all got out. I watched in awe as the car disappeared towards the top of the building. When we returned to retrieve the car, I saw it go back down with its front now facing us.  Awesome! (I didn't get to take a video of it, but found a similar automated parking system on Youtube.)

Police Station

Notice the police car? Not the ones parked at the station. But the police car crashing through the third floor! This art installation sends the message that the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency is "faster than a speeding bullet." Cool!

Bukhang Bridge

From googlemaps

From the hostel in Nampo to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple we had to cross three bridges. The first bridge was a short one and didn't leave any lasting impression on me. The second one, though, as we entered it, was like being on a rollercoaster. My jaw dropped when we were driving up the looping ramp to get on the Bukhang Bridge (aka Busan Port Bridge). I craned my neck to see what was below it, thinking we were over water. Obviously, it was the first time I have ever seen a bridge that had a ramp like that (the ramp had to loop because it would be too steep if it had gone up the bridge straightaway). And it made me go...Wow!

Gwangan Bridge

The third bridge we had to cross to get to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple was Gwangan Bridge, also known as Diamond Bridge. On the way to the temple we had the sky above us. And on the way back the sky was nowhere to be seen. Not because we had gone blind, but because we were on the lower level of Gwangan Bridge, a double decker bridge! Amazing!

You yawn and ask, "That's it?" Yup, that's it. Told you I'm just a little ignoramus in a big modern city.

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  1. very interesting "discoveries" you found there. thanks for sharing. my favorites would have to be the police car installation (that was the first thing i noticed, not the real ones parked below) and the spiral-y bridge.

    (and, yes, i didn't know how to work those single use condiments the first time i saw them here in australia. it was ketchup, which they call 'tomato sauce' over here.)

  2. The awesome surprises of traveling! Love the single-serve jam. :)

    1. Cheers! To travel and discoveries (or just being plain ignorant)! Hahaha