Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Guest Post: A Selection of the Cutest Children's Passport Accessories

Guest post written by Jeremy Cameron

To instill wanderlust in your own children must be one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Sure, it is easier to travel on your own. After all, you are responsible only for yourself. Travelling with children takes an advanced degree in travel planning, endless patience, numerous wipes, and plenty of doodads to keep them occupied during a long flight. But it is also infinitely rewarding to see the world through the eyes of a child. We have put together a selection of some the cutest children’s passport accessories for the little and the not-so-little travellers in your life.

Cheap and cheerful. Sometimes cheap and cheerful will do the trick. If you have a younger child Minions, Hello Kitty or Disney’s Cars passport covers are bound to be a hit. If your child is older and they want something cooler, you cannot go wrong with any of the superhero passport covers (be it Captain America, Batman or Superman). These are easy to find and buy over eBay or Amazon.

Handmade. If you are in the market for a cute children’s passport cover, but you would prefer something that is a bit more unique, etsy is a great resource. These passport covers are handmade from a durable fabric that will protect your child’s passport. They are also colourful, cheerful and a bit whimsical – your child is bound to love them.

Image via etsy

OTT. Why should Prince George and Princess Charlotte be the only ones to receive the royal treatment? If nothing but the best will do for your child, you can opt for the Baby Royal crown passport holder. It is made from gorgeous durable leather with a crown motif. Your baby’s name and surname will be added to the front of the passport holder for that finishing touch.

Personalized. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to come up with an original gift idea for babies and toddlers. Especially if you want to find a gift that will become a keepsake. Let’s face it—toys usually get abandoned fairly quickly. How about this gorgeous leather look passport holder and luggage tag? The baby’s name can be inscribed on the front of the passport holder to make it more personalised.

Quirky. Bombay Duck is another fabulous option if you are on the look out for the perfect gift for the little adventurer in your life. Their designs are charming and whimsical. They offer a selection of passport holder and luggage tag sets that come presented in gorgeous gift boxes.

Image via Bombay Duck

Child passport requirements

If you plan to travel with your children they will require a child passport. Up to 1998, children were able to be included in their parents’ passports. However from 1998 onwards all children travelling with their family must have their own child passport regardless of their age. Child passport is valid for a period of 5 years.

In order to be eligible for a child passport your child should be under 16 years of age and a British citizen, a British overseas territories citizen or a British overseas citizen. If your child is close to their 16th birthday, you will have to apply for their first adult passport. 

You will also have to submit two photos of your child together with your child’s passport application. Countersignatory should fill out section 10 of your child’s passport application and sign one of the photos. This is done to confirm the child’s identity, and also to confirm they know the person who made the passport application on behalf of the child. The countersignatory should not be closely related but someone who knows you in a professional capacity (such as the child’s doctor or a teacher for example).

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