Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wisdom from the Road #29

On asking twice
Even if you feel like you're being a nuisance,
sometimes it is best to ask again.

While boarding Bus 700, I asked the driver if this bus was passing by Gyeongju Expess Terminal. He said yes and I told him that my friend and I will get off at the terminal, then paid the fare. When the bus slowed down (memory fails me if there was an announcement in Korean or not), I told my friend we would be getting off (it was something I saw outside that made me think we were at our stop). She looked uncertain. To assure her (and myself, because her look of uncertainty made me think twice), before getting off the bus, I asked the driver if this was the stop. He pointed across to a little building with Korean words and in small letters below it: "Gyeongju Express Terminal."

I generally keep to myself, but if it's just directions or simple questions that I need answers to, I crawl out of my shell. These people don't know me anyway and I am 99% positive they won't bite even if they think I am a nuisance.

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