Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vietnam in Palawan

When Viet Ville was mentioned by one of our companions during the five-hour drive to Puerto Princesa from El Nido, everyone sleepily agreed to stop by to give our legs a stretch and to grab a quick bite. It was only when we reached Viet Ville did it occur to me that this was the Vietnamese village the owner of Nha Hang Khoi (a restaurant where we had lunch in Mui Ne, Vietnam) mentioned.

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Viet Ville used to be home to 1,500 Vietnamese, but now only a handful (less than ten families?) remain. Most of them have moved to the US when the US opened its doors to displaced Vietnamese.

It was quiet and looked abandoned in Viet Ville. I just took photos of my immediate surroundings and did not venture farther. It just felt rather creepy.

Viet Ville homes (left) and the community Church (right)

It was around five in the afternoon and the restaurant was deserted save for two couples quietly having their pho. We, tired folks, arranged ourselves onto a long table and placed our orders.

Viet Ville Restaurant has quite a number of items on their menu - appetizers, salads, soups, vegetable/beef/chicken/pork/seafood dishes, sandwiches (banh mi), desserts, and coffee - ranging from Php12 to Php160. Since this was just a snack stop, my sister and I shared banh mi thit (French bread with roasted pork) and pho bo (beef noodles). And I could not resist but ask for a piece of my seatmate's goi cuon (fresh lumpia).

Banh mi thit (left) and pho bo (right)

Goi cuon

I glimpsed a white-haired Vietnamese lady in the restaurant's kitchen who turned out to be the resident cook. Good job, Madam! I liked the food. I wish I could have tried all the other Vietnamese dishes on your menu...

Viet Ville Restaurant
Km 13, Brgy. Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Daily 9AM to 9PM

How this Vietnamese stop gladly bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Banh mi thit Php44
Pho bo Php105

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