Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Motorcycle Diaries

I like your mustache Mr. Ernesto!
What's the book's title?

Who wrote it?

Isn't his face on shirts, caps, and other pop related merchandise?
Sadly, yes.

What's the book about?
Two Argentinians, Mr. Guevara and his friend, Alberto, go on a motorcycle trip around South America. The bike sojourn is only a fourth of the book. Other travels were done by hitchhiking, riding a boat, and walking.

Is it a good read?
Definitely. The Motorcycle Diaries shows how adventure and travel can change someone's perspective of the world. It also shows a glimpse of the genius in Che. This book is a joy ride and a joy read.

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  1. Haven't read this but I've seen the flick. Which one did you enjoy more?

    1. Haven't seen the movie yet. I enjoyed reading the book. :)