Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Telesfora Beach Cottage in Corong-corong

Corong-corong, El Nido, Palawan
Chat Fabregas-Jaboli 0917 731 8036
Robert "Bobot" Jaboli 0917 731 8034

Telesfora's beachfront cottages

Relax in a hammock in Corong-corong beach

Sunset in Corong-corong
(Photo credits: Dennis Unchuan)

A simple breakfast (I love the wheat bread!)

Corong-corong is just before El Nido town coming from Puerto Princesa. Telesfora Beach Cottage is one of the resorts in Corong-corong beach, a ten-peso tricycle ride away from El Nido town.

Telesfora has two beachfront rooms (Php2500), three double rooms (Php1500), and a barkada room (Php3500) for eight persons. We occupied the two beachfront rooms and one double room. One of the beachfront rooms can accommodate up to four persons, the other can accommodate up to five, though the price is only good for three. Extra head will be charged Php250. All rooms have AC (note that electricity in El Nido runs from 2PM to 6AM only) and its own bathroom. Towels are provided.

Telesfora has no restaurant. But breakfast, which is included in the price, is served between 7AM and 9AM. Breakfast is only bread, butter or jam, eggs, and coffee.

I have to give it to Chat who kindly agreed to serve us breakfast very very early (530AM) on our last day since we had to leave at 6AM. That means she had to wake up early to cook the eggs and prepare the food. For ten people. Thank you Chat, you did not have us endure a five-hour journey with empty stomachs.

There are four island hopping tours (A, B, C, D) in El Nido which can be arranged thru agencies found in town or thru the resorts. If your time in El Nido is limited, you can request for combination tours. We availed of tour A and tour C thru Telesfora. More about those tours in the coming posts.

Find accommodation in Corong-corong beach if:
  • a sunset view is important to you
  • you want to stay away from the madding crowd
  • you don't mind taking the tricycle to El Nido town for dinner. The only restaurants in Corong-corong are those in the resorts...could be pricey.

Go straight to El Nido town and find some place else if:
  • you don't care much for sunsets
  • you like staying close to restaurants, bars, and crowds
  • you are looking for a dorm room or hostel

*Prices as of January 2013

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