Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Palawan on the Pocket

I did not write about the trip chronologically. I was moving backward, writing about Puerto Princesa first, then Sabang, and, lastly, El Nido. The real sequence of events is found below:

Our six-day itinerary

The above itinerary can be squeezed into four tight days if you really want to. It's possible, just travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido at night and from El Nido to Sabang early in the morning. And be really tired during the tours.

Since I am not an "Amazing Race" kind of person, I took it slow with nine friends, consumed six days, with a wallet that got thinner by the day.

Palawan on the pocket. Figures are all in Philippine pesos.

  • Meals in restaurants in El Nido go from Php150 to Php250, based on the handful of restaurants whose menu I checked.
  • Expenses shown do not include plane fare (to and from Cebu) and tips. 

Puerto Princesa and El Nido:
Puerto Princesa: Zzzzs, Wheels, Meals
Vietnam in Palawan
The Gypsy's Lair
Puerto Princesa Underground River
Welcome to El Nido
Telesfora Beach Cottage in Corong-corong
A Perfect Day for Lagoon Hopping
A Perfect Day for Beach Hopping
Palawan on the Pocket (you're here!)


  1. Hi, can i ask for your email add? Hv some questions re transpo costs.

    1. Hi Chinggay. It's mustachioventures at gmail. Thanks