Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Go to Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island, about 136 kilometers from Cebu City, got its name in the 1600s when watchtowers (locally known as "bantayan sa hari") were built to protect the islands from the Moros. 

Bantayan Island is frequented by visitors for its quiet beaches. It gets swarmed every Holy Week that locals joke the island tilts on its side this time of year.

The island as seen from the port of Sta. Fe

To go to Bantayan Island from Cebu City:
  1. Take the bus from the North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya. Travel time: 3 hours. Bus fare: Php 150 for aircon / Php 135 for non-aircon. Ceres buses leave for Hagnaya every 20 minutes starting at 4AM. V-hires (vans for hire) are also available every 45 minutes.
  2. From Hagnaya, take the ferry to Sta. Fe, Bantayan. You can find the ferry schedule here. Travel time: 1 hour. Fare: Php 170. Terminal fee: Php 10
* Bus and ferry fares are as of March 16, 2013.

The port of Hagnaya

The info below is from research. And no, I haven't tried these routes.

To go to Bantayan Island from Estancia, Iloilo:
A boat services between these islands three times a week.
Estancia to Bantayan Island every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9AM
Bantayan Island to Estancia every Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday at 9AM
Travel time: 3 hours
Fare: Php 300

The port of Estancia

To go to Bantayan Island from Sagay, Negros Occidental:
A boat services between Sagay and Bantayan Island three to four times a week.
Sagay to Bantayan Island every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 10AM
Bantayan Island to Sagay every Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday at 10AM
Travel time: 3 hours
Fare: Php 250


  1. Bantayan is one of our top 5 beaches/island getaways bro. we're going to aliguay island tomorrow. we also didn't expect we'd be able to squeeze in our sumilon day tour before the month of march ends. tuloy pa din kami sa islas de gigantes last week april. :)

  2. "Sagay to Bantayan Island every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 10AM
    Bantayan Island to Sagay every Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday at 10AM"

    Hello! Is this updated po ba? I'd like to ask po if you have any idea if there's a bus from tabuelen to hagnaya? and possible contact nos for reservation po.

    1. Hi Fernan! I got the Sagay to Bantayan info from

      I am not sure if there are buses from Tabuelan to Hagnaya. My friend did say there are mini buses that ply that route, I just can't verify that info. If not, from Tabuelan you can take the bus going back to Cebu, but alight at Lugo in Sogod. Alternatively, you can take a habalhabal (motorcycle) from Tabuelan to Lugo. From Lugo, you can catch a bus that's headed to Hagnaya.

  3. hi mostachio i would like to ask if thisinformation is aupdated? b coz i have a guest wanting to go in bantayan isalng from negros sagay or cadiz thanks pls!! reply asap thanks

    1. Sorry, I have not been back to Bantayan lately and have no updated information. Please call the port at Sagay or Cadiz to check.

  4. Only 9 am will be there trip to bantayan? Thanks

    1. Hi Meca. Please note that the above post is from 2013, prices and schedules may have already changed. Will you be taking the ferry from Hagnaya? If so, you can find the ferry schedule here:

  5. Thanks for this awesome guide you have posted! It really is helpful especially to those who are planning on going to Bantayan island this summer, and that includes us! Thanks a lot for this awesome article!

    1. Glad you found your way here. Note though that this is an old article and schedules/fares might have changed.