Monday, May 28, 2012

Trick Eye Museum

All you need at the trick eye museum are two hours of your time, a friend or two, a camera, and 13,000 won to click these two hours away. If you are alone, bring a tripod! You are meant to be in the pictures!

Photo by Bee Chavez

One ticket please.
Photo by Ayin Ersando

 Waiting for our bus



It's raining won

Mr Strong Man

 Sneaky sneaky

Trick Eye Museum
B2 Seogyo Plaza, Seogyodong 357-1, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(02) 3144 6300
Find your way: Take the subway to Hongik Station (line 2/green) and take exit 9. Walk 5-10 minutes (see map below).
Admission fee: 13,000 won
Hours: 10AM to 9PM daily

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  1. One of the places in Korea I was really, really looking forward to. :) weeeeeee...