Friday, May 11, 2012

My First Meal is Not Korean

Arriving in Incheon at 930PM and escaping immigration an hour later (no, I wasn't interrogated, I was just the last in line), I went looking for my first meal in Korea. You'd think I'd have something Korean. I'd think so too, but at the airport, an hour before midnight, I only had three choices: KFC, McDonald's, and Sanuki Bore. (These three are open 24 hours.) Eliminate anything that can be found in Cebu and an easy decision: Sanuki Bore

Sanuki Bore is located at the first floor of Incheon International Airport, near Arrival Hall C, and serves Japanese food. I settled for the Sanuki Udon (6,000 won ~ Php 240). The serving size to my eye is just enough, but halfway thru, man, did I feel full! Even in a Japanese restaurant, there's a hint of Korea: the side dishes. Before the udon came the radish kimchi (깍두 kkakdugi) and pickled radish (단무지 danmuji).

I will write more about my stomach's adventure in the next few days (or weeks or months) depending on my brain's ability to work.

How Sanuki Bore bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Sanuki Udon 6000 won (Php 240)
What about drinks? I just had water. And that's for free.

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