Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Go-Kart Speed Racers

Went to Kart Zone to try what? Karting. (Isn't it obvious?)

Their logo sure looks like a Go Kart... or is that a race track?

After giving our Ensogo vouchers, we watched a short video on Karting 101. Afterwards, we were required to rent a balaclava (helmet liner) for Php25. Looking like bank robbers, we were handed our helmets and headed to the race track entrance where the karts are parked.

The race track. Wish I had a helicopter so I could shoot an aerial view.

Pimp my ride!

Whooo! Ghost rider!

This was my first time to try karting and, honestly, it didn't amuse me.  Maybe because I'm not a fan of over-speeding or maybe because I was expecting more from my first karting experience. I enjoyed a little bit on the acceleration part, but the short-lived 8 laps of monotonous riding on a short distance circuit isn't worthy of a second try.

Winners! Champions! Feelers! hehe

Php 300 / 8 laps - Single seater
Php 350 / 8 laps - Two seater

If you think 8 laps is too long or Php 300 is too much, on weekdays (Mon - Fri 10AM-2PM) you have these options:
Php 100 / 4 laps - Single seater
Php 150 / 4 laps - Two seater

F Cabahug St,
Brgy Kasambagan, Cebu City
(032) 268 2553
Open daily 10AM-9PM


  1. I am totally amused with your drawings!

    1. Thank you zhequia. Tis what happens when you've got lotsa time in your hands. :)

  2. Yeah! I so envy your drawings! I have zero talent in drawing or sketching whatsoever. Another fun post. :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Thanks Justinne, everyone knows how to draw! You should post some doodles also. :)

  3. LOL at "looking like bank robbers". Have not tried karting as well, and it does look monotonous to me. But I reckon I should try :)

    1. Everything's always worth a try. Thanks for looking around at my humble blog. :)

      p.s. Awesome travel blog you got, and a cool couchsurfing video too. :)

  4. Wow! I'll surely try this one of these days. I liked it that you included a cheaper option for budget-traveler like me. :) Just wanna ask, how do I get there from Fuente? Ty.

    1. Hi Pong! According to this link you can take 03B from Fuente and get off at Panagdait. That's the one long ride. Other option is to take 3 rides (although you have to make 2 transfers, this will be faster): 14D from Fuente to Ayala, then 04L (get off at Mabolo), then 03B to Panagdait :)