Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Japanecdote: Am I an Alien?

There were only a handful of visitors in Engyoji Temple and as far as I could tell we were the only foreigners there. A Japanese man kept looking at us—at me, according to my friends. Did I look like an alien? I don't think I look that weird. Was my shirt on inside out? Was I wearing mismatched shoes? Did my mustache look like I have been electrified? I had no idea why he kept looking at us—at me.

But no biggie. We went about our business. We explored the temple complex. Peeked into the Honda Family Mausoleum. Entered Daikodo and Jikido, two of the three wooden halls that made up Mitsunodo. Enjoyed the serenity and fresh air. Explored some more before taking the last shuttle bus back to the cable car station. Waited for the cable car. Looked at the city of Himeji from the viewing deck of the cable car station while waiting. Descended the mountain via cable car. Stumbled out of the cable car and made our way to the bus stop.

Daikodo, one of the three halls of Mitsunodo in Engyoji Temple

And that's when the Japanese man hurried towards me and started speaking to me. Where are you from? Definitely not Mars, sir. I am from the Philippines. How did you find out about this place? From the internet, sir. In the many times he has been to Shoshazan Engyoji Temple, he has only seen local visitors, and he was surprised I had found my way there, he said.

Maybe I really looked like an alien—among my three friends and I, Mr Japanese Man had honed in on me. Curiosity got the better of him and I guess he simply had to get some answers before I took my spaceship back to Osaka.

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