Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Odaiba お台場, a shopping and entertainment district on a man–made island, was our first stop in Tokyo. Not for shopping, but for the jaw dropping 18-meter tall Gundam at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. I am not a fan of Gundam, but still it was quite a sight to see. Especially when it started to move complete with lights and sounds in sync with the short episode (in Japanese) playing on the large screen.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Gundam fans would surely love DiverCity Tokyo Plaza because it also has a Gundam Cafe and Gundam Front Tokyo (a museum of all things Gundam). Unfortunately for Gundam fans who are planning to visit in the next few months, the 18-meter tall Gundam is scheduled to be taken down in March 2017 and Gundam Front to close in April 5, 2017. The good news is something bigger and better are coming! Gundam Base will replace Gundam Front and will open Summer 2017, and a new and an even taller (close to 24 meters) Unicorn Gundam will rise in Autumn 2017.

Odaiba Statue of Liberty

Fuji TV Building

After gracing Gundam with our presence (ha!), we went for a chilly (it was end of October) walk along the seaside park where we saw a Statue of Liberty, tall buildings all lit up for the night, including the futuristic looking Fuji TV Building with its spherical observation room, and a beautiful night view of the Rainbow Bridge which is not rainbow colored (different colors can only be seen during special light up events).

Rainbow Bridge and beyond that is the Tokyo Tower

Odaiba is not only Gundam and nightviews. There are also museums and indoor amusement parks that I would have loved to visit had we had more time:
Oh well. More reasons to come back to Tokyo.

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