Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Japanecdote: Learn From Your Mistakes

Learn from your mistakes they say. Learned from my mistake I surely did. After that Where is Bentencho Station experience I was more careful with my train commute in Osaka. Especially on my last ride (which is to Kansai Airport). Because, one, I was lugging two bags (one duffel bag and one backpack); two, I was alone (somehow getting lost alone is more daunting); and three, I could not afford to miss my flight home.

I waited near the back end of Platform 1 of Osaka Station for the Kansai Airport Rapid Service. The train arrived right on time and I saw a train car with the letter S on a blue square rumble by so I knew it was the right train.

Photo from OsakaStation.com

But when the train stopped, the train car that stopped in front of me didn't have the blue sign, but a yellow sign with the letter R. Did my eyes deceive me??? I thought I had the Osaka train system down pat?!

There was a station staff nearby and I hurried towards him to ask if this was the train headed for Kansai Airport. He told me to hurry to the front end, to any of the first four cars, those cars were going to Kansai Airport. I thanked him and half ran towards the first four cars.

Inside car number two, I kept checking the digital screen and listening for announcements to make sure I was really on the right train. I learned, through the constant announcements, that the first four cars made up the Kansai Airport Rapid Service, obviously bound for Kansai Airport, and the last four cars made up the Kishuji Rapid Service bound for Wakayama. These two Rapid lines would uncouple at Hineno Station.

Had I not noticed the yellow R sign on the train car that had stopped in front of me, I would have found myself in Wakayama an hour later! That would have been a disaster.

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