Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Art About Town

My stomach is bursting. My sweet tooth is smiling. My left brain is burping.
 Right brain, it's your turn. Let's go art gawking in Bacolod.

What luck, I met an artist at the Negros Museum. This was my chance to feed right brain with some art. I tailed this artist to his little art studio called Incubator and, in the process, also learned of another gallery called Gallery Orange.

The Incubator Studio
Dela Rama Drive, City Heights Subdivision, Bacolod City

At the time of my left-brain-feeding (June 2012...sorry for the late post; I admit, I am a procrastinator), the exhibit was Amorsecos y las Falsas Promesas y Valores Equivocados de la Ciudad Amurallada, which Google translated as "False Promises and Misguided Values of the Walled City". In short, it was about Manila's imperialism.

Map to Incubator (click to enlarge)

Gallery Orange
2nd floor Annex Bldg. Lopue's Mandalagan, Bacolod City
(034) 709 0604
2PM - 9PM Monday - Saturday

On exhibit at Gallery Orange were the works of Dennis Ascalon entitled Dekahon...

Mr. Ascalon's works were all carved and painted. Brilliant!

 ...and an art installation, by Jay-R Delleva, called The Waste Land Apparition.

In the complex, where Gallery Orange is located, there are also many artsy things to stare at.

How feeding Mustachio's right brain cost him:
Just the jeepney fare going to the studio :-)

Navigating (a bit of) Negros Occidental:
Art About Town (you're here!)


  1. glad to see this. i also collect paintings and antiques... i have works by Angelito Antonio, Elmer Roslin, Celso Pepito and Adrian Morales. I sold my Noel Mahilium, Philippe Badon and Norlito Meimban paintings in the past huhuhu. :)

    1. Nice to hear that. This was an unexpected sidetrip after asking the artist-curator what he does aside from helping out on the museum. :)

    2. hello po im norlito meimban you can follow me at my fb account,, norliemeimban_ph@yahoo.com.... my email is norlie_meimban@yahoo.com