Saturday, April 20, 2013

Under the Banner of Heaven

What's the book's title?

Is this part two of The Five People You Meet in Heaven?
Nope. This book is by Jon Krakauer, not Mitch Albom. And it's nonfiction.

Ok, what's the story?
Krakauer dissects the situations that lead to the massacre of a mother and her daughter.

Scary! But why heaven?
Because it relates to religious extremism.

Is it a good read then?
Very much. Krakauer has a gift of unbiased reporting and gutsy story telling. He simplified a complicated history of Mormonism, wrote interviews, compiled names, dates, events, and composed an eye-opening documentary of religious idealism gone awry.

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  1. Baligya ni ngadto sa FB? :)

  2. I honestly find this book as a departure from Krakauer's 'usual' topics (outdoors, adventure and the like). Or is it?

    1. Hey Bren, yep no outdoor topics, but still investigative journalism just like how he wrote Into the Wild and Into Thin Air. :)