Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hot and Cold Waters of Mambukal

Time check. 11AM. Time to leave the ancestral homes of Silay City and make our way to Mambukal in Murcia. The municipality of Murcia is about 17 kilometers east of Bacolod City.

Going to Mambukal from Bacolod City is as easy as one.... one jeepney ride: Just get yourself to Libertad Terminal on the northwestern side of Libertad Public Market. Jeepneys bound for Mambukal leave Libertad Terminal every 15 minutes starting from 730AM up to 730PM. The 45-minute ride to Mambukal costs Php35.

Libertad Public Market (left) and the jeepney bound for Mambukal (right)

 Sugarcane fields and bridges on the way to Mambukal

Mambukal Resort
Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental
(034) 433 8516 / (034) 709 0990

There are many things to do Mambukal which means there are many fees to pay.

First is the entrance fee. It's Php50 for adults and Php20 for children 11 years old and below. Even vehicles must pay an entrance fee.

Activies in Mambukal are: swimming, hiking, wall climbing, ziplining (slide for life), walking above ground from tree to tree (canopy walk), boating, butterfly watching, bat spotting, sleeping, eating, getting a massage, and dipping in the warm sulfur pool. Rates for these activities can be found here.

Swim in the pool

Hike around Mambukal and check out the seven waterfalls

Wall climb


Row a boat

Spy on bats

Eat at the foodcourt

Get a massage (click to enlarge)

Dip in the warm sulfur pool

We did not try all those activities. Our money would only allow us to sleep, eat, hike, and dip in the warm sulfur pool.


We chose to sleep in their cheapest room—a room at the Tourist Lodge which costs Php600 a night. The room had two single beds, an airconditioner, and a toilet and bath.

The Tourist Lodge was rather creepy and badly needed maintenance. If not for the full house, thanks to the Mudpack Festival happening the next day, I think I'd have stayed awake all night watching out for something unusual. I am paranoid like that.

If you have an active imagination, skip the lodge and go for the LGU cottages. It will cost you more money, but will cause less paranoia.

For those who like to sleep to the sound of insects, birds, and bats at night, bring a tent. Camping is allowed for only Php30 per person. Accommodation options and rates can be found here.

Practicing (left) and getting ready (right) for the Mudpack Festival


We tried three different stalls at their foodcourt. Halo-halo was Php40 from the first stall (I forgot the name of the stall). From Ramos Grille, we tried the sizzling porkchop with pepper sauce (Php110). The mangoes gave it a tasty twist. Downside? It did not come with rice. We had to order rice for Php10. We also tried Ikea of Kabankalan's tambo (bamboo shoot) with corn soup (Php55) and kangkong (Php50).


Halo-halo (left) and sizzling porkchop with pepper sauce (right)

Tambo with corn soup (left) and kangkong (right)

If you do not feel like eating at Mambukal's foodcourt, you can eat at the carenderia just outside the gate near the lodge. We had breakfast at Sarah's Sari-sari and Eatery.

Breakfast at Sarah's Sari-sari and Eatery


We walked around the resort and saw a very hot sulfur pool. I think you can boil eggs there.

Hot sulfur. Do not attempt to jump in. Looks tempting, but burned skin is not my thing.

The trees, along with the streams, in Mambukal give it its cool, fresh air.

Trees, streams, lake

We went to the waterfalls with the help of a guide. We went straight to the seventh falls and made our way down. Best to do it this way. Gravity is our friend.

We passed an inn/restobar and paddies on our way to the seventh falls

Somebody enterprising sells buko (Php25 each) right on the trail

The seventh falls

A little resting place by the seventh falls

A pile of trash near the waterfalls :-(

We continued down to the six other falls (no photos of the fourth and the fifth falls; no access way). It was only at the sixth falls did I dip and dive. Swimming in the other levels is not allowed.


Kids jumping into the water




Swimming is strictly prohibited


After the trek to the seven falls, we rewarded ourselves with a dip in the warm sulfur pool. The water in the pool is around 38-40°C. The 50-peso fee is one time; you can come and go anytime of the day or take a dip every day during your stay, just present the receipt to the gatekeeper. I would come back to Mambukal just for the warm dipping pool.

Mambukal Resort is a perfect place to bring the family for a day trip or a night or two.

How Mambukal placed Mustachio's budget in hot water:
Bus from Silay City to Bacolod North Terminal Php 15
Jeep from Bacolod North Terminal to Manokan Country Php 7.50
Jeep from Manokan Country to Libertad Php 7.50
Jeep from Libertad to Mambukal Php 35
Mambukal entrance fee Php 50
Room in Mambukal lodge Php 600
Halo-halo Php 40
Dinner for two at the foodcourt Php 235
Breakfast for two at Sarah's Eatery Php 111
Guide tip Php 300
Buko Php 25
Dipping pool Php 50
Jeep from Mambukal to Libertad Php 35

Navigating (a bit of) Negros Occidental:
Hot and Cold Waters of Mambukal (you're here!)


  1. Good day can you please give me a contact number for the resort (mambukal) Plss and thank you

    1. umm missed the numbers is it their latest number??

    2. Hi Jowie. Those are the numbers published on their website. You may also try (034) 710 0801. Thanks.

  2. Pwede po bang 4 persons per room ang mag occupy sa tourist lodge nila?

    1. Please call the resort for your inquiries. Contact numbers have been provided above.

  3. Do they provide the tents? Or the tourist/visitor should bring one?

    1. Please call the resort for your inquiries. Contact numbers have been provided above.