Friday, April 12, 2013

Not for the Diabetic

Negros Occidental is a dangerous place for diabetics. Bacolod City, particularly, is teeming with sugary goodness. Like moths to flame, we couldn't help but be drawn into Bacolod's caf├ęs and pastry shops.

6th Lacson St. DOLL Bldg., Bacolod City
(034) 433 6586

Felicia's mouth-watering cakes and goodies

Swiss chocolate (left) and cream puff (right)

I wanted to try as many as I could but I was still so full from the cansi lunch at Sharyn's that I had to resign myself to cream puff (Php 90) and travel bud to a slice of Swiss chocolate cake (Php 80). The cream puff looked delicious but did not live up to its looks. I liked the filling, but, on the whole, it disappointed me. I couldn't finish it. The Swiss chocolate cake was a different story. It was gone in sixty seconds.

Cafe Bob's
21st Street, Bacolod City
(034) 434 2409

Bob's baked bounty

Gelato aplenty

Cab Gelato's dark choco in a waffle cone

Cafe Bob's is just across 21 Restaurant and that's where we skedaddled to after slurping our bowls of batchoy. With stomachs not having enough space for a piece of cake, we just fed our eyes with Bob's display of cakes. Off on the left side of the cafe, we admired Cab Gelato's array of colorful cold goodness. I gave in to the temptation and bought a cone of dark chocolate gelato (Php 95). Expensive, yes, but truly delicious.

Balay Quince, 15th Street, Bacolod City
(034) 435 8413

My sweet teeth are aching just looking at this wide selection!

Floating Island (left) and lemon meringue pie (right)

A visit to Bacolod would not be complete without having a piece of Calea. Though I have always liked their chocolate cake, I thought I'd try something new this time: Floating Island (Php 75) and lemon meringue pie (Php 75). Floating Island is like brazo de mercedes that's not put together right physically, but tastes even better. Lemon meringue pie was perfectly lemony, complete with real lemon strips. One can never go wrong with Calea.

Milk + Tea
Balay Quince, 15th Street, Bacolod City

Click to enlarge menu

Almond milk tea with black gulaman

The milk tea craze has also reached Bacolod. We found Milk+Tea just above Calea in Balay Quince. As a last hurrah, I bought a large almond milk tea with gulaman (Php 100)... something to sip while we wait for our flight home. How was it, you ask? Let's just say I've had better. And for a hundred pesos, it was expensive.

How devouring desserts made Mustachio's sweet teeth ache:
Desserts at Felicia's Php 170
Gelato at Bob's Cafe/Cab Gelato Php 95
Desserts at Calea Php 150
Milk tea from Milk + Tea Php 100

Navigating (a bit of) Negros Occidental:
Not for the Diabetic (you're here!)


  1. I put on weight reading this post!!!!! :)_

    1. Hahahah :D I love sweets and Bacolod is the place to be for a sugar high :D

  2. I have been wanting to visit Bacolod. I just didn't have the time and money to do so. Someday...someday... ~sighs

    1. Go on a weekend. Buy a promo ticket. Perme man sale ang Cebu to Bacolod hehehehe :D I wanna go back there to eat eat and eat :D

  3. Indeed Neg Occ is not for the diabetic.
    Sugarcane overload gud. :P

    Me wanna go back to continue the food trip too.:D