Saturday, July 7, 2018

Cherry Blossom Binge Continues in Busan

Fresh off the bus from Jinhae, I continue my cherry blossom binge in Busan.

Samnak Ecological Park

Just 800 meters from Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal is Samnak Ecological Park, where earlier on the bus I had seen a long pathway lined with cherry blossom trees. At Samnak Ecological Park families, friends, and couples are enjoying walking under the cherry blossoms or having a picnic on the grassy areas.

Directions to Samnak Ecological Park: Take subway line 2 to Sasang Station, exit 3, and walk 800 meters west to Samnak Ecological Park. Or at Sasang Station, transfer to Busan Gimhae Light Rail and get off at Gwaebeop Renecite Station.

Oncheoncheon Park

It was still early afternoon and I had time for one more stop: Oncheoncheon Park. From Dongnae Station, through a dark underpass, and out into the sunlight with artsy walls leading to Oncheoncheon Park. Oncheon Stream runs through the middle and throughout the length of the park (about 3 kilometers). There are stepping stones crossing the stream in some sections. Running parallel on both sides of the stream are cherry blossom trees. The park is filled with color not only from the cherry blossoms but also from the patches of different types of flowers—canola flowers, pansies, daffodils, roses, etc. There are picnickers on the grassy areas, runners on the path, and cyclists on the bicycle lane. Busanites gather on the bleachers when there's a performance to watch.

Directions to Oncheoncheon Park: Take subway line 1 or line 4 to Dongnae Station, exit 2. Or take subway line 1 to Busan National University of Education, exit 6.

Go through a dark underpass to get to Oncheoncheon Park

Art on the wall

Go on a picnic

Smell the flowers

Roses and cherry blossoms

Daffodils and pansies

Couples going for a stroll

Busanites watching a performance


As if yesterday's cherry blossom stops in Jinhae and Busan were not enough, I began my last day in South Korea with another visit to a cherry blossom lined area in Busan: Jwasuyeong-ro. Jwasuyeong-ro is a road parallel to a river (Oncheon Stream actually spills into this river) and right across Centum City. It is significantly less crowded than the parks I had visited yesterday. There are many condominiums in the area and it seems the people out and about in Jwasuyeong-ro were locals living nearby, just getting some exercise or walking their pets or relaxing by the river with their family or pursuing a hobby—like the elderly Busanite who was painting. When he saw me watching him, he offered to sketch me! I obliged and, because I wasn't sure what to do, I just stood as still as I could so he could properly draw my face. Haha! He gave me his sketch—the best souvenir I got this trip! Thank you Mister Busan Artist!

Directions to Jwasuyeong-ro: Take subway line 2 to Millak Station, exit 2.

Walking path by the water

Cycling lane

Walking her dogs...or are the dogs walking her?

Walking/Jogging path

Centum City across the river

Mr. Busan Artist

A family chilling by the river

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