Monday, July 9, 2018

Busan Museum of Art

Having no plan for the last day in Busan, I closed my eyes, and randomly pointed on my map. I wish I was that spontaneous! I am not. But, honestly, I didn't have any plan, and I just looked at my map to check if there was anything of interest near where I was at the moment. And it led me to Busan Museum of Art, just 1.5 kilometers away by foot from Jwasuyeong-ro or two stations away by subway from Millak Station.

Even before I reached the entrance of the museum, I was already greeted by large pieces of art: sculptures by local and foreign artists.

Inside the Busan Museum of Art were two floors of exhibit halls, not including the children's gallery in the basement. All the exhibits at that time were admission-free.

Admiring the work of Cho BuGyeong, an artist based in Busan

"Sea2016 Standing Sea1" by Chun MiKyung, another artist from Busan

"Blue Moss" by Cho EunPil

There was a gallery of artworks by Japanese artists who came to Korea during the Japanese occupation (1910-1945). There was also an exhibit called "Busan as the Wartime Capital" with artworks by Busan artists created in the years after the liberation of Korea (1945). And a gallery of black and white photographs of Busan taken from the 1950s to 1980s (the exhibit is entitled "The Warmth of a Moment") by three local photographers: Jung InSung, Choi MinSik, and Kim BokMan.

A short film

On the left is "Walking in Shoreditch" by Julian Opie, a British artist

The Warmth of a Moment Exhibit

In the Children's Gallery in the basement were whimsical paintings and an installation called "Welcome Home", which was an all white room with colorful art projected on the walls, chair, cabinet, shelf, sofa, TV, etc.

"Welcome Home"

Busan Museum of Art had plenty of paintings, photographs, mixed media, sculptures, and short films of landscapes, people, still life, and abstract. It kept me occupied for two hours! By the time I went out there was no more time to explore other places. I had to go back to the guesthouse to retrieve my bag and head on to the airport.

Busan Museum of Art
58 APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
Tuesday to Sunday 10AM to 6PM (Closes at 9PM on Saturday)
Admission is free for the Permanent Exhibition and Children's Gallery. Special Exhibition may require a fee.

Directions to Busan Museum of Art: Take subway line 2 to BEXCO/Busan Museum of Art Station, exit 5.

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