Thursday, February 1, 2018

Wisdom from the Road #60

On Mr. Sun #2
Appreciate the sun no matter how hot the day gets.

When Mr. Sun's scorching power is raging down on me, making me steam and melt onto the pavement, I curse Mr. Sun. Living in a tropical country that means I curse him on most days of the year.

When the rainy days come, I curse the flooded streets of my city—to get home or to get to the office, I have to wade through three flooded streets—and I immediately miss Mr. Sun.

When I am in a foreign country and the temperature drops to 2°C and the wind mocks me with its cold, cold breath, making me shiver in my pants, I immediately miss Mr. Sun.

I'm sorry for cursing you, Mr. Sun! I do appreciate the sunshine and warmth you bring into my life! Please don't ever go away!

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