Sunday, February 11, 2018

Inuyama Guesthouse Kodinmari

Inuyama is a city just 30 minutes by train from Nagoya or an hour by train from Chubu Centrair International Airport. Although Inuyama is very close to Nagoya and can be visited on a day trip, I wanted to spend two days in Inuyama and chose to stay a night there.

4-6 Nishibabasaki, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0081
+81 90 9941 5214

Why I chose Inuyama Guesthouse Kodinmari:
  • 3000 yen for a futon in dorm (budget right on target!)
  • 15-minute walk from Inuyama Station
  • 7-minute walk to the castle town at Honmachi-dori

Pleasant surprises at Inuyama Guesthouse Kodinmari:
  • the owner offered to pick me up at Inuyama Station
  • there was a basket of free snacks in the dining area
  • I was the only guest at the time and I had the room all to myself!

Photo grabbed from Agoda

Photo grabbed from Agoda

The futon was ready when I arrived!

A Japanecdote:

I planned to stay at Inuyama Guesthouse Kodinmari on the second night of my trip. But because my flight was cancelled because of typhoon, Inuyama became my first destination upon arrival.

My flight arrived at night and I left Chubu Centrair International Airport a few minutes before 10PM. I arrived at Inuyama Station at 11:13PM and 亜沙美 Asami, the owner of the guesthouse, was waiting for me at the station's exit gate—she offered to pick me up at the station because it was late; it would take 15 minutes on foot from station to guesthouse. Because I was so hungry, I asked if we could stop by a konbini and she kindly obliged. I hurriedly bought two onigiri because, as I said, very hungry. When we reached the guesthouse, which was actually her home, she gave me a bowl of curry. Hunger must have showed on my face! She told me she had been to Cebu a year ago and went to Moalboal, but having arrived in Moalboal late at night, could not find a place to stay, but a very kind tricycle driver offered to let her stay at their house. I guess her offering me food was kind of a way to pay it forward.

A bowl of curry

The following day, before I went out to explore the town, she gave me a key to the house because she said she'd be out all day and could not see me off at check out time. It just surprised me how she entrusted the key to her house to me, a stranger.

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