Saturday, February 3, 2018

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) with Island Buzz Philippines in Mactan Newtown Beach

I have tried SUP thrice.

First Try
The first time I tried SUP or Stand Up Paddle was when Island Buzz Philippines offered a 2-hour lesson for a discounted rate. (Because I am a cheapo, remember?) Buzzy, chief of Island Buzz (it just dawned on me why "Island Buzz Philippines" haha!), showed us how to choose the length of paddle to use, how to hold a paddle, the different paddle strokes, how to stand on the board, etc. After the lesson on dry land, everyone excitedly (and nervously, in my case) went in the water, and Buzzy instructed us on the proper way to get on the board and to sit seiza style (for beginners) as we paddle out. He told us to paddle using the strength of our upper body and not to bend our arms. We moved farther from shore and one by one, the participants stood on their boards. It took me a long time to get up on my wobbly legs (with the encouragement and coaching of Buzzy). I was the last one to do it, and once I did, I could not stand and paddle for too long. My knees would tremble and my leg muscles would protest. So I spent most of my paddling time sitting while paddling, and trying not to fall in the water in the few times I tried to stand, afraid I'd make a fool of myself if I could not haul myself back on the board because of my big fat butt. Eventhough I was Sit Down Paddling, not Stand Up Paddling, most of the time, I did enjoy it so much (but I was parched after two hours) that I was sure I'd try SUP again soon. (Not the next day, because the next day my legs were aching.)

A SUP lesson on land


Second Try
I brought along a different group of friends, three first timers and one who wasn’t. It was a nice and sunny day, and the sea was calm. Since we did not avail of the two-hour lesson, but just rented a board for an hour, we were given a quick crash course on shore. Then we were off gliding on the water. And one by one, we stood on our boards with a grin of triumph on our face. We did it! We had a lot of fun paddling around and the hour went by so fast with us wanting more paddling time, but our budgets would only allow an hour’s rent.

Sitting seiza style

Everyone was able to stand on their board!

Third Try
The wind was blowing and the waves were slapping the shore: in two days it would be 2018 and the first typhoon of the year would come. But still, my college buddies and I, gor and first timers that we were (I am a third-timer, but I have the skills of a first timer), ventured out on our rented boards (after a crash course). The sea was rolling beneath our boards, but we persevered with our paddling (albeit just sitting on our boards), trying not to let the distance between us and Buzzy get too far. As everyone slowly got the hang of paddling, we tried to stand with shaky legs on our shaky board. I would be able to stand for a second or two and then splash into the sea. In the end, I threw my hands up, dropped to my knees, and accepted that I was being punished by the sea for my bulging belly and weak core. My other friends were too thickheaded to give up, and would stand, paddle, paddle, and splash, and stand, paddle, paddle, and splash, and on and on. When we’ve had enough punishment and parked our boards on the shore, Buzzy told us that the “sea conditions were for advanced paddlers, but good job!” How were my friends feeling the following day? Every muscle in their body was aching, one said even her fingers were sore! But we would definitely do it again...on a calm day.

Beginners on sea conditions for advanced paddlers haha

SUP is offered by Island Buzz Philippines at Mactan Newtown Beach.

Island Buzz Philippines
0917 144 0503
facebook: @IslandBuzzPhilippines
  • 2-hour SUP lesson Php1500 (includes board rental)
  • Board rental only Php500/hour (For first timers, you can ask for a quick crash course.)
  • Lifevests can be borrowed for free.
  • Island Buzz also offers SUP tours, kayak rentals, bigiw sailing, etc. Please inquire through their fb page for rates.

Mactan Newtown Beach
Open daily 6AM to 6PM
(032) 316 2715 / 0917 704 4893 / 0922 389 2833
facebook: @MactanNewtownBeach
location map
  • Entrance fee Php200 weekends / Php150 weekdays. Tip: If going on a weekend, bring an ID with a Cebu address for a 50-peso discount.
  • Picnic tables and open cottages are available for rent from Php500 to Php3000.
  • Open shower available (Php5 for every 2 minutes).
  • Changing rooms available (free).
  • Parking area available (free).
  • Food brought in are subject to a corkage fee of Php50 (for every person who is bringing food).
  • There are a few food stalls selling meals, snacks, and drinks.
  • Watersports (jetski, bananaboat, parasail) are also available.

Good news for cheapos like me! Island Buzz Philippines is offering SUP rentals for Php250 per hour for the months of February and March 2018. (This post is not sponsored by Island Buzz Philippines. Nor were any of my three tries. I just enjoyed it so much that I think you should try it, too.) As Island Buzz Philippines would say: Sea you!


  1. Hahaha kalingaw oi. murag calm ra man sa 4th photo but sa 5th, eng eng eng! ka-grabe sa bawd

    1. Hehehehe calm day na ang sa 4th photo, mao nang nakatindog mi tanan. Kanang 5th kay mao nang 3rd try, na grabe ka bawd, kay naay umaabot na bagyo hahahah.

      Nakasuway na ka magSUP? Try nya mo, lingaw sya :D

    2. Wala pa jd. But apil na nis akong TO DO LIST XD