Saturday, May 14, 2016

Panglao Island's Dumaluan Beach

The moment I stepped on Dumaluan Beach's soft white shore and saw its clear blue waters, I immediately wanted to come back. Maybe the perfect weather added to its allure. Maybe—surely—the absence of crowds dispelled my not so fantastic impression of Panglao, particularly and mainly because of Alona Beach, the only beach I ignorantly knew of in the handful of times I have been to Panglao. So, I thank my friend for taking me to this postcard pretty part of Panglao Island.

Dumaluan Beach

I haven't left, but I already miss it. For my future and yours, I did not let the searing sun bother me as I happily let my feet sink in the sand and walked along the stretch of beach to take note of the resorts found along it:

South Palms Resort Panglao (038) 502 8288 / 0917 716 7609
Bohol Beach Club (038) 502 9222 / 0927 452 7054 / 0999 992 1880 / 0923 250 7828
Dumaluan Beach Resort I (see below)
Dumaluan Beach Resort II (038) 502 9092 / 0917 883 4888
Villa Umi Panglao Resort 0932 445 2916 /
Bolod Beach Resort (038) 502 4046 / 0920 603 9927 / 0915 682 3187
Dubay Panglao Beachfront Resort 0917 841 3637
Panglao Grande Resort (038) 502 9433 / 0906 496 7266 / 0908 958 6872 /

Fan Room at Dumaluan Beach Resort I

Dumaluan Beach Resort I price list

Villa Umi

Bolod Beach Resort

Dubay Panglao Beachfront Resort

Panglao Grande Resort

If you have high standards, choose either South Palms Resort Panglao or Bohol Beach Club, the high-end resorts on Dumaluan Beach. There's a new one on the block: Villa Umi Panglao Resort. Villa Umi is not as expensive as South Palms or Bohol Beach Club, but is still on the expensive side, with rooms from Php 6500 to Php 8500. If your standards are not that high but you are not as cheap as I, then you have four choices: Dumaluan Beach Resort IIDubay Panglao Beachfront Resort, Bolod Beach Resort, and Panglao Grande Resort. Cheapos like myself, looking to spend less than Php 500 a night per person for a two-person room, can go for Dumaluan Beach Resort I. Their 850-peso fan room was all right by me. As long as I have a bed to sleep on and a bathroom, I am good. It was the beach itself, that all these resorts shared, that mattered to me.

I will be back Dumaluan Beach!


  1. Nice post.

    Does Dumaluan Resort 1 have a swimming pool?

    1. Hi. Thanks for visiting the blog. No pool in Dumaluan Beach Resort I, only in Dumaluan Beach Resort II.

    2. hi Magkatabi lang po ba ang Dumaluan 1 and Dumaluan 2?

    3. Hello again. Yes, they are right next to each other.

  2. This is another destination in Bohol when is Alona is crowded.
    Also the price is reasonable.
    Nindot ni laagon dugay na sad ko wala ka balik sa Bohol

    1. I prefer Dumaluan over Alona! I find Alona too crowded.

  3. Hello, my siblings and I will be visting Bohol this Feb. 24, 2017. We're "cheapos" so we were planning to book Dumaluan Beach Resort I for one night stay. Swak ang Fan Room sa budget namin. Does it include a private toilet or there's a common toilet for Fan Room users?

    You blog is very helpful by the way. Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi HervieVore. Thank you for reading my blog. Some rooms in Dumaluan Beach Resort have private toilet (the room we stayed in, pictured above has a private toilet and shower), others have shared toilet, so be sure to ask and clarify with them before you book a room. Enjoy your trip.