Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wisdom from the Road #21

On technology
Technology is there to help.
Use it.

I never cared much for the newest phones and gadgets. I only switched to a smart phone about a year ago when my brother thought me old fashioned and gave me one (thanks!). Even with a smart phone, I don't bother getting a data plan nor finding a local SIM with data when abroad. This proved a bad move during my trip to Taipei. But my companions were smarter than me, and insisted on finding a Chunghwa Telecom shop ASAP.

Half the group got connected and it proved useful:
♦ Street signs in Chinese. Street signs not always visible. Google Maps to the rescue.
♦ Never really sure what time shops open (shops in Taipei open between 10 AM to 2PM and some are not open every day of the week) — websites/facebook pages to the rescue.
♦ Limited Chinese vocabulary and wrong accent. No dictionary. Asking questions can be a pain. Online translators to the rescue.
♦ When someone from the group disappears (aka gets lost) — WhatsApp (or other messenger apps) to the rescue.

How has having a data plan helped you?

PS. Powerbanks will be handy too.

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  1. This is why I never think of visiting Chinese-speaking places. It's a pain in the ass talking to them and more so if reading directions and navigating the whole area. :D

    1. Only Chinese-speaking countries? What about Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and other countries whose main language isn't English?

  2. Same dinosaur here. I just had a 'smarter' phone only last year. :) When I recently went to Buscalan, it was particularly helpful aside from instagram updates. Crucial information such as bus schedules are readily available online. This allowed us to plan our next move.

    I'll be going outside the PH soon. We'll be there for more than a week so it makes perfect sense to buy me those SIM cards at their airport.

    Zhequia, try Laos. They don't speak both Chinese and English. But we still enjoyed our time there. :)