Monday, November 3, 2014

I Committed a Cardinal Sin

Bless me Father, for I have sinned...

I think I have become worse than a glutton. I am eternally hungry for Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop's goodies ever since that first bite of strawberry cake that had a filling that felt and tasted like strawberry ice cream, and that piece of moist chocolate truffle cake that melted in my mouth, and that darned good, not–too–sweet Boston cream pie, and that yema–licious sponge cake.

 Clockwise from top left: chocolate truffle cake, strawberry cake, Boston cream pie, and yema cake

Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop is the serpent that has tempted me with its fruits from the forbidden oven! Other fruits of temptation that I caved in to were the buttercream chocolate cake roll, the yema bun (the Doppelganger of Camiguin's VjAndep Pastel, but better, in my opinion), the chicken pandesal, and the bars of espresso caramel, chocolate chip butterscotch, and fudge walnut. My friend swears by Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop's cheese roll (bread) too, which she thankfully gobbled up herself. That's one degree of sin less for me.

Left to right: buttercream cake rolls, breads, and bars
(Left and center photos from Carla Adlawan)

Father, you must be drooling by now. Forgive me, for my brain was totally consumed by the images and thoughts of these goodies that I did not think of bringing some for you. But you may order these goodies yourself thru Gran Tierra Suites at #207 Don Mariano Cui corner Don Jose Avila Streets, Capitol, Cebu City. Give them a call a day or two ahead at (032) 253 3575 / (032) 412 4562 / 0917 634 1839 / 0925 892 9369. Or buy their readily available breads (yema, chicken, cheese) at their bakeshop in San Jose, Taboan, Cebu City.

Chocolate Truffle Cake Php 650
Strawberry Cake Php 780
Boston Cream Pie Php 780
Yema Cake Php 350
Chocolate Buttercream Roll Php 280
Ube Buttercream Roll Php 260
Mocha Buttercream Roll Php 260
Assorted Bars (espresso caramel, chocolate chip butterscotch, and fudge walnut), box of 8 Php 200
Yema Buns, box of 9 Php 180
Chicken Pandesal, box of 9 Php 300
Cheese Roll, box of 10 Php 180


  1. My Gawwwwd you are killing me with these pictures *drool*

  2. And you have also convinced others to commit Cardinal sins too