Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life in Mini

If you find miniatures fascinating, a visit to the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan would be worth your while and your NT$180 (admission fee).

B1, No 96 JianGuo N. Rd. Sec 1, Taipei City
Tuesday to Sunday 10AM to 6PM
Admission Fee NT$180 (about Php 270)

Dolls made of corn husks and engraved egg shells.

 Miniatures of stories we've heard during our childhood

Of history and culture

Of working chandeliers and TV set (the size of a postage stamp! with sound too!)

 Of street food carts

The pictures above are just a few of what you will see in the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. There were models of houses from different countries (with tons of details inside), restaurants, historical scenes, everyday scenes, and so many things mini.

The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan is small, just one floor, but I think I spent a good hour and a half in there peering at the minute details inside each model. The work poured into each model was just astonishing. It must have taken weeks and a lot of patience to create just one model. Bravo to the hands, eyes, and brains behind these mini wonders!

Directions to Miniatures Museum of Taiwan: Take the Zhonghe–Xinlu (Yellow) Line to Songjiang Nanjian Station, Exit 4. Miniatures Museum of Taiwan is about 6 minutes by foot from Songjiang Nanjian Station (see map below; click to enlarge).

This article is featured in Go! Taiwan, under Miniatures Museum of Taiwan's "Bloggers' Review" section.

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