Friday, June 20, 2014

Hats Off to Iligan Bloggers Society

If I had a hundred hats, I would wear it all one on top of the other and take it off one by one in honor of the members of Iligan Bloggers Society (IBS). These amazing people do what they do, not for the money (what money, anyway?), but for the love of their city—Iligan.

The brilliant minds of IBS have organized the Waterfalling Adventure Tour (WAT) for three years in a row (and other events in between)—no easy feat (what, with complicated logistics, finding sponsors, sending communications, etc), but they have done it, and they have done it wholeheartedly (even with jobs, they have managed to find time to organize events).

Through the Waterfalling Adventure Tour, others have come to know and appreciate the beauty of the city and, slowly, more information about Iligan City and its many waterfalls are now available on the web.

Iligan Bloggers Society, I vote for you to take over your city's Tourism Department... and I think you are one step closer to that—congratulations on being a member of the Iligan City Tourism Council!

To the absolutely incredible (and fun!) members of Iligan Bloggers Society: a hundred hats off to you!