Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mustachio Loves Animals

Mustachio loves animals. Some animals he loves best as eating buddies. Pigs especially. Why? Pigs eat with gusto and are not ashamed to eat like, well, a pig.

A pig (Babe for Food) and a dove (10 Dove Street)
Mustachio loves animals. Some animals he sees fit as eating destinations. No, he can't eat in a whale and he can't eat in a monkey. But he can eat in a crab, a crazy one; he can eat in a chicken named Charlie; and he can eat in a dove, one that is a bit confused with its address.

Oakridge Business Park, 880 AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City
(032) 418 1010
Daily 10AM to 10PM

Mustachio love animals. And most animals he loves best in his stomach.

On this particular night, Mustachio had a happy meeting with animals. He was invited by Babe for Food for a date, with a dove as a host, and an assortment of animals on the table. 

Dove, the host, offered her guests two options:  The 10 Dove Street Experience (Php 250), which includes soup, salad, sandwich, and a slice of cake; and the Kitchen Favorites (Php 275), which includes soup, entree, and a slice of cake. Dove, the generous host,  said dinner was on the (bird)house.

Mustachio, on a fitness mission, chose The 10 Dove Street Experience—this was the easy part. The difficult part was picking from a long list of soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Mustachio's 10 Dove Street Experience

The food was served by course, and the first animal to go into Mustachio's maw was the crab...and corn bisque, a creamy soup that made Mustachio want to lick his bowl clean. And then a break for animals: Salad Tropicale, a sweet medley of lettuce, apples, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, red onions, feta cheese and poppy seed dressing. For the sandwich, the next animal to be sacrificed was the chicken. The chicken was chopped and made to squish in with apples, walnuts, lettuce, and mayo-yogurt-honey mustard between slices of wheat bread. According to Babe for Food, it's a salad put between two slices of bread, and Mustachio laughingly agreed. Lastly, the dessert. Was it a fitness mission Mustachio was on? Clearly, this guy was pretending. Who on a health mission would eat a sinfully moist chocolate cake, smothered with icing and strawberry sauce? Maybe it was a typo...maybe it was really a fatness mission Mustachio was on.

Mustachio did pretty good on his fatness mission, thanks to that last part of his 10 Dove Street Experience. But he has to do eat more. His date, Babe for Food, does the mission with ease. Babe for Food had the Kitchen Favorites and then some.

Babe for Food's Kitchen Favorites plus Pancheco Salad plus Old Fashioned Lasagna

Mustachio wonders how his date does it. He suspects Babe for Food has an extra stomach hidden in her purse. While Mustachio investigates this case of the bottomless pit, read about Babe for Food's Kitchen Favorites plus plus, and tell him if you find a clue there.

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