Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lunch at Bohol Bee Farm

I went to Bohol Bee Farm intending to eat flowers for lunch and then some weird ice cream for dessert.

The trouble with eyes that are directly connected to the stomach, there is no such thing as order. First thing I saw was the ice cream stand and so dessert became appetizer. If I had 500 pesos to spend for ice cream alone, I would have tried each of the flavors. Since I could only afford one scoop (Php 40), I settled with malunggay (moringa) ice cream. My friends had tomato and spicy ginger ice cream. Two unusual flavors that are not for picky eaters. Since I am not a picky eater, I got to finish off their ice cream.

Tomato and malunggay ice cream in cones made of cassava

Connected to the ice cream stand is Bohol Bee Farm's shop. But my friends disappeared one by one around the corner, completely ignoring the shop. I just took a cursory glance at the shop window, then shuffled down the path after them.

To the dining area. Where the floor, columns, tables, chairs were made of wood. With plants all around and the sea down below. If there had been a slight breeze, I would have hung a hammock between columns and fallen asleep in its coziness.

But I had no hammock and it wasn't nap time. It was lunch time.

I did say I wanted to eat flowers. But nobody else did. So I had to give up on getting the salad, which was a bit pricey anyway (Php 190). I got the honey glazed chicken (Php 260) instead. And, whoopee, it had a flowery salad...which tasted...nothing special, whoop dee doo! My friend also had the honey glazed chicken, but from the children's menu (Php 180). The children's portion didn't have the salad and it looked like the portion size of the chicken and rice was the same as the big people's menu (but I could be wrong). Another friend had the spareribs (Php 260), which she said was alright. I have to say for the price, I expected to be blown away by the flavor, but I wasn't. I did enjoy the complimentary squash bread with malunggay and mango spread and the cassava chips with green tomato salsa. The squash muffin (Php 20) was good, too.

On the way out, I went inside Bohol Bee Farm's shop, where I found bottles of different sandwich spreads (malunggay, mango, honey, chocolate, pesto), tea (mango, honey, lemongrass, guyabano, guava), coffee (corn), honey, organic soaps, shampoos, insect repellents, bread (camote, squash), and muffins (carrot, corn, chocolate, squash). The squash muffin in the shop was sold for Php15. (It was 5 pesos more at the restaurant...why? For the use of the plate? Haha.)

I would probably go back to Bohol Bee Farm (or The Buzzz Cafe in Alona Beach) for the bread, spreads, muffins (at the shop, not the restaurant!), and ice cream, but not for a meal (menu here).

Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol
(038) 510 1822 / 0917 710 1062

The Buzzz Cafe
Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol
Daily 730AM to 12MN


  1. So there's no buffet during lunch? We tried their buffet before and I loved everything! Di ko alam kung gutom lang ako nun but I found everything to be soo delicious. And maybe because the buffet is cheaper compared to ordering solo meals. Sarap din and unique ng icecreams nila, reminds me of First Colonial Grill sa Albay :)

    1. I am not sure if they have the buffet daily; we went there on a Wednesday. In the menu it says it's available for a minimum of 11 persons at Php 420/pax; so I am guessing advance booking is required. The buffet might have been more sulit than having ala carte.

  2. been to bohol a couple of times already yet i still haven't been to bohol bee farm :(


  3. I went to Bohol Bee Farm to see bees and found none :(

  4. The 5 pesos probably was for the service? You know, service charge?

    1. That's what I guessed, 5 pesos more for the use of the plate :)