Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trattoria Altrov'e

Why did my friends and I find ourselves eating pizza and pasta while in El Nido? Put the blame on the restaurant and its strategy... Trattoria Altrov'e smartly placed its pizza making area where it can be seen by everyone walking Calle Hamma, the street parallel to the beach in the town of El Nido. It was the man making pizza that we saw through a plastic cover and the smell of pizza emanating from a brick oven that made us stop in our tracks and stare at the pizza dough smothered with tomato sauce and getting emblazoned with meats, greens, mushrooms, olives.

Here's why. Looking thru the plastic cover and smelling the pizza. (Photo by R Abastas)

One second we were glued in front of this mesmerizing sight, the next second we were walking barefoot (slippers have magically been left on the shelf by the entrance of Trattoria Altrov'e) on the wooden floor of the second level of the restaurant. It was dinner time and the restaurant was packed but we luckily got a round table and some pillows for our butt at the far end of the restaurant.

Calle Hamma, El Nido, Palawan
0927 741 8016
Daily 5PM–11PM

 Photo from Trattoria Altrov'e's facebook page

I left the task of choosing the food to my three friends and they decided on two pizzas and two pasta dishes. That's like one for each person. Big appetites? Or big wallets?

Peperoni has...pepperoni (Php 390) and Quattro Stagioni has mushrooms, artichokes, ham, and olives (Php 445)

Gamberi e olio d'oliva has shrimps and sun-dried tomatoes (Php 310) and All'arrabiata has bacon, garlic, paprika, and parmesan cheese (Php 230)

More like big wallets with nothing inside. But, it's proven, we have big appetites. We finished everything. It was that good. Or we were very hungry. No, I think it was just really good, and we could not let anything go to waste.

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