Sunday, May 25, 2014

Filipino Food Favorites at Kuya J Restaurant

Do you know Kuya J? He used to live somewhere near Capitol. He did so well that he moved to a nicer place near Ayala, acquired two new homes in SM (SM Cebu and SM Consolacion), and will soon be adding another home somewhere in Manila.

Kuya J in SM Cebu

Kuya J's not–so–secret secret? Good food. Affordable prices. We all love that, don't we? I bet one or two or three of these are on your favorite Filipino food list:

Three are on mine: ginataang monggo, crispy pata (crisp skin and tender meat!), and baked scallops. I usually don't care for kare–kare, but Kuya J's very peanuty (I love peanuts) kare–kare earns a spot on my list.

Menu. Click to enlarge.

Not on the menu, but is currently available, is the lumpia presko/fresh lumpia: stuffed in a malunggay infused wrapper (thus, the green color) are bamboo shoots and crab meat. I like to eat this topped with fresh garlic and crushed peanuts and smothered with sweet garlic sauce. My list of Kuya J favorites has now grown one item longer.

And that list will soon become a little longer, with their new dishes, drink, and desserts to be launched this June: tokwa't baboy—deep fried pork belly and tofu with tuba (coconut wine) soy sauce; chorizo dinamitas—jalapeƱo peppers stuffed with Cebu chorizo and cheddar cheese; chicken tagudtod—deep fried chicken wings with sweet sesame sauce; dalandan (flavored) beer; tablea flan with coffee syrup; banoffee saba; and fried halo–halo ala mode.

I already have a meal plan (one that any doctor would put a big red X mark on) for my next visit: ginataang monggo, crispy pata, baked scallops, kare–kare, lumpia presko, chorizo dinamitas, and three desserts: leche flan, tablea flan with coffee syrup, and banoffee saba!  But I can't finish all these by myself, so who wants to eat these with me? Know that I am a sweet lover (not the driver kind, but a person who likes desserts); I will share everything, except for the desserts.

PS Thank you, Kuya J, for letting me be one of the first few to try your new creations. I want to shake your hand, or maybe your chef's hand, for being bold and coming up with interesting new dishes, desserts, and drink. Kudos!

Kuya J Restaurant
Upper Ground Floor (by the entrance facing Radisson Blu), SM City Cebu
(032) 266 8600
Daily 10AM–10PM

Escario cor. Tojong Sts. Kamputhaw, Cebu City
(032) 260 2991
Lunch 11AM–3PM daily
Dinner 6PM–10PM daily

SM City Consolacion
(032) 266 8188
Daily 10AM–9PM


  1. Oh my goodness...everything looks so delicious! I want to try everything. Thanks for posting this.

    1. From their new creations, I would highly recommend the chorizo dinamitas and the tablea flan! Nom nom

    2. Wow! From the name itself murag lami gyud. I will try it soon. Thanks again.

  2. The tablea flan looks delish! Thanks for sharing. I'm actually looking for places to eat when I go to Cebu late July.

    1. Thank you for visiting this blog. Yes, the tablea flan is delicious! One serving is not enough :D

      If I may suggest these restaurants: Kuya J, Golden Cowrie or Hukad, Cafe Laguna, Cafe Georg, 10 Dove Street, The Suite Room, Nonki, Chosun Galbi. Enjoy your visit in Cebu this month.