Monday, April 21, 2014

To Texas, Cowboy!

It is not only Mustachio's short legs that like to travel, his stomach does, too. Mustachio's stomach travels around the world while staying in one province, Cebu. While in Cebu, his stomach has been to Vietnam, France, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Japan. And today, USA. Texas, specifically.

AS Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu
(032) 236 8201
Lunch 11AM–2PM daily
Dinner 530PM–930PM daily

Expectation: A handful of BBQ dishes.
Reality: An extensive menu that took Mustachio a bit of time to decide. He ended up with bacon beef meatloaf. After tearing his gaze away from the menu, it got caught by the dessert display, and banoffee cake was added to the bill.

Click to enlarge.
Menu images from Texas Rex BBQ's facebook page.

Expectation: The singer of "I'd Do Anything for Love" covered in bacon, and served with rice.
Reality: Smaller than the singer, but a bigger portion than hoped for. Plus it came with some peas, carrots, and corn. And a glass of drink.

Clockwise from top left: Bacon beef meatloaf, the restaurant, and a slice of banoffee cake.

Expectation: For the cake to taste like bananas and chocolate. And for the food to taste like real Texan food.
Reality: The cake was very chocolatey with bits of banana...which is good for the chocolate monsters, but not for the banana monsters. As for "real Texan food", Mustachio can't say—he has never been to Texas! His bacon beef meatloaf was more beef than bacon (strips of bacon was on top of the meatloaf), and for someone who is not big on beef, this might have been the wrong choice (and a case of selective reading: bacon). But if Texas smelled like grilled meat, then Mustachio feels like he just walked out of Texas.

PS. On his next visit to Texas in AS Fortuna, Mandaue City, Mustachio might go for something barbecue (considering this place is named Texas Rex BBQ) or something Mexican (the name shortened as Tex Rex is a play on words to sound like Tex Mex), like a burrito. For those who have been to Texas Rex BBQ, what would you recommend?


  1. Replies
    1. Okay bya ang meatloaf, it's just that biased lang ko. Among pork, chicken, and beef, I usually go for chicken or pork. Tungod to sa bacon ngano nag meatloaf ko hahaha :)) Wala pa ka ka try diri?

    2. Nope. If I had to try them I should have ordered that protein platter. :D

  2. I think that...I'll just give this restaurant another chance. Thank you for letting me read Quibranza's article. :)

    Baktin Corporation/

    1. Yup! Should not judge a restaurant by just one dish :)