Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Piece of Cafe in Guadalupe

M Veloso St. Guadalupe, Cebu City
0933 954 5009
Tuesday to Saturday 4PM–9PM

This little piece of cafe is a good place for a little piece of...

ALPS Cafe is tucked in a peaceful neighborhood in Guadalupe.

We were the only ones there on a Saturday afternoon. Could it be because we came in at opening time?
Or has this place remained a secret? (ALPS Cafe has been around for almost a year.)

The cafe's theme is travel. Photos and memorabilia the owners have collected over the years of traveling the world are on display in the cafe. 

ALPS Cafe has more than a dozen items on their menu. Salad, sandwiches, pasta, waffles, brownies, juice, coffee, milk tea. 

We were drawn to green that day. Everything we ordered had something green in it. Popeye's Dip (Php 105) is pesto dip with wheat bread. Matcha Waffle (Php 105) is waffle with matcha (green tea) ice cream and chocolate chips. And a pitcher of Tito Lemonsito (Php 155), which is moringa (malunggay) juice with cucumber and lemon.

The green food we had was nothing great, but it did not make us turn green either. The Tito Lemonsito, though, was positively refreshing and did not have that bitter moringa/malunggay aftertaste. I could down a pitcher of it. Or maybe two pitchers on a very hot day!

Remember there are more than a dozen items to choose from and we only tried three. Do not let my opinions keep you from having a little piece of... 
ALPS Cafe.
A Little Piece of Sky Cafe.

A little
Spotted just a stone's throw from the cafe is Uncle Noodles! Found out that Uncle Noodles has taken his business home after disappearing from Mango Avenue and from Food Choices in Ayala. Indeed, a very happy find! I will surely be back for my two uncles: Uncle Noodles and Tito Lemonsito!


  1. A bit late, but thanks for coming to ALPS! :p Hope you enjoyed your stay. We look forward to having you guys next time. :)

    1. You have a nice and cozy cafe :) Til next time!

  2. oh, hey, look at that! google led me to your website when my cousin asked me to google the alps cafe! hehe. wala lang. nice bumping into you here. again. =)

    1. Hello Jewey! :D Thank you Google, for bringing Jewey here :D