Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nice Meeting You, Chewy Junior

Do not judge Junior by his looks for looks can be very deceiving.
 Chewy Junior looks plain. Chewy Junior looks boring.
Even his house (the shop) looks meh.

Tiramisu deluxe (left) and chocolate Oreo crunch (right).
Plainness emphasized by my crappy photo.

Honeydew sprinkle

But, my, my, my, once in the maw, Chewy Junior creates a jolly good time!
Creamy! (The filling is made of soya.)
Not too sweet! (The chocolate is made of 52% cacao.)
And just right. (The cream puff's diameter is about 3.5 inches.)

These were all waiting to be picked up. I had to wait for my cream puffs to be made.

Very happy with the cream puffs, I bought two more to take home and was so excited to let whoever was at home try it. Once home, I headed straight to the refrigerator to let my cream puffs chill (it is best served chilled), and what do I find? A box of Chewy Junior cream puffs! Somebody beat me to the punch!

Chewy Junior cream puffs from Php 20 to Php 60.
There are four different fillings: chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and peanut butter.
(Click menu to enlarge.)

Only after I googled Chewy Junior and found Babe for Food's post from 2011 did I realize that I have often passed by Chewy Junior near the cinemas in SM City Cebu (that branch is now a goner). Why did it take me so long to have the courage to get to know you, Chewy Junior? We could have been best buddies.

Chewy Junior
Upper Ground Floor J Centre Mall, AS Fortuna St, Mandaue City, Cebu
(032) 328 0758

How Chewy Junior made me regret being judgmental:
Tiramisu deluxe Php 30
Chocolate Oreo crunch Php 40
Honeydew sprinkle Php 30


  1. Yum! I tried the small version tong naa pa sila sa SM. Lami sad sya. Katilaw sad ko anang creme puff sa Leona's lamian sad ko. Lami man tingali para nako ang tanan! LOL

    1. Hahahah try the Choux cream puffs in Country Mall.... I don't like it hahahah :))

  2. Chewy Junior at Trinoma has only very few flavors buti pa dyan sa Mandaue, gusto ko rin ng Honeydew Sprinkle looks good!

    1. Hi Mariane! Maybe you can request for them to make the other flavors. Here they don't display all flavors, just those that sell quickly, but if you want something on the menu that's not on display, they can make it for you. I hope that's the case there, too. I heard the premium ones (with fruits) are really good. I have yet to try those.

  3. Another yummy treat to try... dili na gyud ko maka diaet ani ba!

    1. You should try this!! :D New year's resolution nimo ang mag diet?