Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boy Tales of Childhood

Boy Tales of Childhood
Roald Dahl

Boy, oh, boy, imagine my glee when I found the book I have been looking for since reading Going Solo. I immensely enjoy Roald Dahl's works and this is no exception. Boy Tales of Childhood tells of Roald Dahl's amusing childhood (clearly says so on the title) in a language easily understood but not at all boring. Roald Dahl has the gift of telling even the simplest of stories in a funny way.

It says on the first page that this is not an autobiography but a sort of collection of moments that he could never forget. And it will be one book you, yourself, will not forget.

No, I will not spill the beans and tell you what those moments are, and no, don't google them. Just pick up the book and start reading.

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  1. I enjoyed the book pud! Thanks for lending it to me, mustachio! :)

    1. You're welcome Kai! Just send me a message if you wanna borrow a book :D