Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Borussia, a German Restaurant in Sogod

If it is not just my imagination, I think I have seen Borussia, a German restaurant, in Cebu City a long, long time ago (do not try and guess my age). I don't know when Borussia transferred to Sogod, but I did not travel 57 kilometers from Cebu City to find out. Instead, it was to finally satisfy my curiosity after passing by the large "Borussia German Restaurant, Deli & Bread" sign along the highway in northern Cebu several times. And, as it happens, to satisfy my (and the rest of the group's) hunger as we have been on the road for almost six hours (six hours for just 57 kilometers? We made many stops, two of which were Mt Uragay Spring in Carmen and Torta og Uban Pa in Catmon).

Sogod, Cebu
(032) 516 2463 / 0917 329 3753

The restaurant is a cozy country house surrounded by a large garden

None of us were familiar with German cuisine and we had to ask the server to describe the different dishes on Borussia's menu. She patiently answered (in English) our questions (in Cebuano) and even showed us the different breads Borussia sells. (Breads can be ordered from Borussia with no minimum order required. They deliver to Cebu City twice a week) Thank you for your patience, Miss, we'll have the following:

Mediterranean sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potato

Left to right: Knusper (bread), squash soup, and tomato soup (Photos by L. Chavez)

Left to right: Hungarian sausage, Currywurst, and Frikadelle (Photos by L. Chavez)

I had a piece of knusper (bread with various grains and seeds) and the Mediterranean sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potato. Why the Mediterranean sausage? Because 1) it is under the heading "Very German Menu" and 2) it is the German owner's favorite (says the server).

We had a bit of each other's food and I liked my dish best—the Mediterranean sausage was the tastiest among the three (sausages) and I loved the sauerkraut (pickled cabbage). I found the sauce of the currywurst weird (research told me that it's curry plus ketchup), though half of the group liked the currywurst best. The frikadelle, which is like a flattened meatball, wasn't anything special.

I would go back to Borussia only when the craving for Mediterranean sausage and saurkraut is a matter of life and death. But then, if I do go back, it would also mean sure death for my wallet. That dish is expensive (Php 240)!

How Borussia left a buslot (hole) in our pockets:
Mediterranean sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potato Php 240
Knusper Php 30 per piece
Squash soup Php 70
Tomato soup Php 70
Hungarian sausage Php 170
Currywurst Php 210
Frikadelle Php 210


  1. i heard about this place before. your review on this resto has been really helpful. =)

    1. Thanks from dropping by jewey :-) If you do get to try Borussia, let me know what you think.

  2. Good for you! I've been wishing to visit this resto but it's just too far for me. Haha. Nice review! :)

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Layo gyud! But it's good for a try at least once :)